Virtual reality, the metaverse and Artificial Intelligence displace cell phones at the MWC in Barcelona

The Mobile World Congress (MWC) is characterized by being the launch showcase for the new cell phones with which the manufacturers will fill the market of the year. And although in 2023 it does not abandon its spirit, there are new technologies that seem to displace the premiere of smartphones.

Each cell phone manufacturer began to prioritize their own timing for their mobile device launches. That is why, in a way, they no longer wait for these events to go on the market with their flagship.

It is then that we see that in congresses such as the MWC 2023 in Barcelona, ​​other technologies such as virtual reality, the metaverse and Artificial Intelligence take center stage over the premiere of a cell phone.

In addition, to these technologies are added the first steps of 6G connections and the enormous commitment of Huawei, which came to Barcelona to demonstrate its great advances in cybersecurity and cloud hosting.

Another of the great attractions highlighted by a review in the Spanish newspaper, The worldare the long lines that generate the immersive realities, which in this 2023 received the visit of King Felipe IV himself.

Cisco Systems with its microchips and medical initiatives such as the ones shown by the Versius Robot are another example that cell phones have a complex job to stand out from these developments.

Although in the process of respecting the spirit of smartphones as the main focus, the MWC 2023 that takes place at the Fira de Barcelona, ​​exhibits the aforementioned technologies and the relationship they have with cell phones. One of the examples are Xiaomi’s VR glasses or TCL’s folding cell phones, the Fold & Roll, perhaps the main thing in this matter for this edition of the congress.