vivo x80 Pro, a perfect gaming phone that stands out in everything

The vivo X80 Pro is one of the phones with the best camera on the market and also stands out for other features that we don’t see in other smartphones. Among them, its ultrasonic fingerprint reader or FlashCharge, its fast charging technology. There is, however, one feature that you should not overlook either: its performance. The vivo X80 Pro, in fact, offers an excellent gaming section due to the multiple functions that the company has included to considerably improve the gaming experience.

Much of the fantastic performance of the vivo X80 Pro is achieved thanks to the internal components that vivo has decided to add to this smartphone. One of them is the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen. 1 processor, which is not only one of the most powerful chips from the manufacturer, but also one of the most advanced on the market. To enhance the experience, vivo accompanies this processor with an additional component, its own chip called vivo v1+, which is designed to improve image and sound reproduction.

This combination of chips is accompanied by nothing more and nothing less than a 12 GB RAM memory. It includes an improved LPDDR5 architecture that is capable of a 16% higher theoretical rate than other versions. The RAM can also be virtually extended with up to an additional 4 GB, which is taken from the 256 GB of storage. Storage that, by the way, has improved UFS 3.1 technology, and that offers 84% ​​more sequential write and 34% more random write speeds.

Additionally, the vivo X80 Pro includes some functions that make the gaming section greater compared to other smartphones of its competition. One of them is the so-called ‘Eagle Eye Mode’, which works thanks to the HDR10 + technology of its screen and which considerably improves the details and color of the games.

The vivo X80 Pro also has a gaming-specific haptic system that makes the vibration of the phone match the action the player is taking. To prevent the vivo x80 Pro from overheating, the manufacturer has included an ultra-large liquid cooling vapor chamber, specifically 4,285 mm2. It must be taken into account that the rest of the manufacturers do not directly have this system or, in the case of having a 2,000mm2 chamber. And not only that, the vapor chamber of the vivo x80 Pro is built with sheets of graphite and 27 Heat dissipation layers for better cooling.

Screen, battery and sound at the height of its power

Part of the fact that the gaming experience with the vivo X80 Pro is so good is thanks to its screen. The vivo mobile includes a panel with a diagonal of 6.78 inches, a perfect size to be able to view the content or click on it to carry out the different actions in the game. The screen of the vivo X80 Pro also has a slight curvature on both sides, which makes viewing more immersive. As if that were not enough, the panel has a 2K resolution and an adaptive refresh rate of 120 Hz capable of offering more fluid movements.

In addition to the screen, there is another important feature that can have an impact when playing on any smartphone: sound. Poor audio quality can even cause a player to lose the game for not having heard well, for example, the starting gun of a race. This, with the vivo X80 Pro, should not be a problem, since the smartphone has a double stereo speaker system.

Luckily, autonomy does not limit the possibility of playing with the vivo X80 Pro. Its battery, in fact, is a great ally. Not only because of those 4,700 mAh, which allow us to play practically all day, but also because of its powerful fast charge. The 80W of FlashCharge technology of the vivo X80 Pro recovers the lost autonomy in just a few minutes.

In short, if you are looking for a powerful, beautiful and very balanced smartphone in all aspects but focused mainly on the gaming section, the vivo X80 Pro is a great option.