Voice trembling, Angela Merkel begs Germans to reduce social contacts before Christmas

The measures in force in Germany to limit the spread of the coronavirus are no longer sufficient. To avoid an exponential increase in the number of contaminations, Angela Merkel wants her citizens to make even more efforts. In front of the Chamber of Deputies on Wednesday, she insisted on caution and the reduction of social contacts in view of the end of the year celebrations.

“Now I beg you, before Christmas, before seeing your grandparents and the elderly, to reduce contact as much as possible for a week,” the Chancellor said first, her voice trembling. According to her, if Germans want to hang out with family members for the holidays, not seeing anyone (or as many people as possible) from December 16 is the only solution. Angela Merkel also offered to close schools three days earlier than planned (i.e. December 16) for the winter break. A decision which does not belong to him, but which seems to him to be a good idea to avoid the proximity with other people.

“I just want to say that if we have too much contact before Christmas, and it was finally our last Christmas with our grandparents, then we would be really sorry”, she concluded with force, moved, under the applause from several deputies “Let’s not make this mistake”.

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