Wabi the delivery app that does not charge commission to local businesses

Delivery apps became more important with the pandemic.

Most of these charge a commission for each home delivery.

In support of local businesses, an app without commissions has emerged.

The Covid 19 pandemic generated an economic crisis that complicated the situation for local businesses, leaving them without access to the most downloaded delivery apps, due to their high commissions.
The authorities have once again urged the population not to leave home, in order to stop the spread of coronavirus.
With this social awareness, Wabi2You arises, a delivery app that does not charge commission to local businesses.

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The objective of this delivery app is to offer a free digital tool to small and medium-sized local businesses so that they have a new way of selling their products.
One of its main purposes is to accompany entrepreneurs to make the technological leap and boost their business.

When you register your local business in this delivery app, you can receive your customers’ orders and deliver them at home.
Wabi allows you to adjust the inventory of your business according to demand, incorporate new customers and have key information about your sales.
When you enter their website and leave your information, the delivery app operators will contact you and tell you what the steps to follow are.
Invite your customers to download the application so they can place their orders and you can deliver them to their doorstep.

Once your customers download the app for either Android or iOS they will register their location and show them all the local affiliated businesses nearby.
You will choose the local business where you want to make your purchases and in less than 15 minutes you will receive your order.
Payment is in cash on delivery.

“Wabi plays a double role at the moment: we see ourselves in front of the stores as a source of survival, but also as a social security solution for all of us as a society, because it is much safer for stores to deliver at home than people go out to the streets, face crowds or touch the products of the department stores ”, says Mariana Tófalo, CEO of Wabi.
Moreover, stores can also keep their local businesses active even behind closed doors and reach their customers in the neighborhood and reduce the risks of contagion.
Wabi does not charge a commission like the rest of the delivery apps, since the delivery is made without intermediaries, that is, the same local business staff is the one who makes the trip once the order is confirmed.

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