Wall Street closes mixed with new Nasdaq record on stimulus hopes

Wall street has traded this Monday with a mixed sign (Dow Jones: -0.49%; S & P500: -0.2%; Nasdaq: 0.45%) after its record session last Friday. However, the selective technology has stretched the rally on Friday to reach a new historical maximum, at 12,487 points, fueled by expectations about the injection of capital from the US Government.

Investors await new details of that round of stimulus from more than 900,000 million dollars, which is expected to close sooner rather than later.

Key week for the Covid vaccine as well, with the FDA meeting to discuss the Pfizer and BioNTech vaccine candidate. On December 17 it will be the turn to evaluate Moderna’s. While, The United Kingdom begins this week to vaccinate its population.

The trade war is also in the news again after the Trump Administration prepares sanctions against several senior Chinese officials for their actions during the Hong Kong riots. The Republican wants to make the most of his last weeks in office.

Among companies, Intel it was the worst-performing Dow stock, falling 4.1%. The energy sector led the S&P 500 lower, falling 2.6%. Facebook rose 2.2% and Manzana it gained 1.4% to push the Nasdaq higher. Tesla it also contributed to Nasdaq earnings, advancing 7.4% and hitting an all-time high.

“In the short term, the risk of a modest decline in equity market has increased because the worsening situation of the virus in the EEE could cause a drop in ranking. “” Although approval of the vaccine in the US seems imminent, increased restrictions or closures in the US could slow the recovery in the short term. term of economic growth, “Goldman Sachs equity strategists said in a note.

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