Wall Street futures trade mixed sign pending Washington and vaccines

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Bank of America Partners with CVS Health to Fund and Deliver Free Flu Vaccine Coupons

As part of Bank of America’s commitment to committing $ 1 billion over four years to promote racial equality and economic opportunity, the company announced today that it will work with CVS Health to fund a no-cost voucher program for the vaccine. influenza for low-income communities in the US, including African American, Native American, and Hispanic who may not have access to free or low-cost preventive flu vaccines. The program will initially be rolled out in seven cities, including Detroit, Dallas, Jacksonville, Oklahoma City, Phoenix, Boston, and the Washington, DC metropolitan area, through no-cost coupons distributed by leading non-profit partner organizations that they serve the most needy households. “

In Sweden, taxis serving Covid-19 screening

The Government admits that weeks pass between the RCPs to the migrants arriving in the Canary Islands and their transfer to the Peninsula