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Tom Cruise’s eldest daughter Bella rejects the actor’s proposal to move in with him

She has grown up surrounded by spotlights, filming and popularity, but Bella Cruise has opted to maintain a completely anonymous life and away from the media spotlight. The routine of Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman’s daughter takes place in a humble three-bedroom house located in the city of Croydon, where she shares her day with Max Parker, her husband, and their pet. His father has been living a few kilometers away, in London, for work reasons and according to Woman’s Day he wants his first-born, 27 years old (28 at the end of December) and his son-in-law to settle with him in the UK capital . An offer that the young woman is reluctant to accept since, as her neighbors indicate, “she prefers to live in a more discreet way compared to the luxurious lifestyle to which she was used as a child.” VIEW GALLERY -Such a stick, such a splinter! Nicole Kidman’s daughters appear in the actress’s new series -Bella Cruise and Nicole Kidman, the signs that suggest a rapprochement between mother and daughter The protagonist of such relevant titles as Top Gun, Edge of Tomorrow, Minority Report or Misión Imposible (his seventh installment is currently being recorded in Europe after a few months of hiatus due to the health crisis) has invited Isabella, whom he adopted in 1992 with Kidman, to settle in the attic that he occupies in Corinthia Residences, a block of twelve apartments that formerly belonged to the Queen and which are located a few meters from 10 Downing Street, the residence of the British Prime Minister-currently Boris Johnson-. Tom Cruise’s house, which costs more than 350,000 euros a month to rent, has four bedrooms, four bathrooms and a huge terrace with privileged views of the Thames, the river that divides the city into two parts. VIEW GALLERY If Bella and Max Parker, a computer consultant by profession, finally decided to say goodbye to their home to start living with the actor, they could relax whenever they wanted in the spa of the exclusive Corinthia hotel or take a bath in its indoor pool. And it is that the attic of Cruise, 58, has direct access to all the services of this establishment, including his own Harrods store, the department store par excellence in the United Kingdom. “Tom has a dedicated team of staff who take care of his every whim, where he can call room service at Corinthia’s in-house restaurants, such as Michelin-star chef Tom Kerridge’s Bar & Grill,” said a source to the aforementioned medium. VIEW GALLERY Bella’s passion for fashion Bella has always avoided the limelight, even at moments as important as their wedding, held in 2015. Neither Tom nor Nicole were present to avoid excessive media attention. Nor has he followed in the professional footsteps of his parents. She has opted for fashion and has her own firm, BKC (Bella Kidman Cruise), which is a dream come true. Before going into this business she graduated from West London’s Delmar Hair & Makeup Academy. “Bella has been an artist her entire life. His medium of reference is a paper where he writes down inspiration for his works of art, largely marked by his friends, fashion and music. The dream of his life has been to translate his art into clothing; and his new collection of t-shirts is the first step in the realization of that dream, with many other things to come in the near future, “he said when announcing his textile company.

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