Among the measures that the company will take Walmart In Mexico and Central America to support its employees in the face of the crisis generated by Covid-19, it announced that it will grant a initial leave of absence for 14 days with pay, with the possibility of extend it if the situation requires it.

In addition, through a statement, he stressed that payments from your workers will be made of weekly way, not fortnightly as it was done, before the contingency.

Given the risk situation that is being experienced and for your protection, we do not have packing senior volunteers in our stores, so we appreciate you helping us pack your purchases.
For Walmart, protecting health comes first.

– Walmart México (@WalmartMexico)
   March 24, 2020

In the text of the company it is explained that since March 16 the American company offered its collaborators in Mexico the option of working remotely. In Central America they started with this modality two days later.

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Who receive the benefit of 14 days to be absent with pay

The benefit of the 15 days with pay is for 4, 270 associates in Mexico and 590 in Central America, among pregnant women and adults over 60, who work in their stores, clubs, distribution centers and headquarters. Walmart has 38,760 workers in Central America and 200,000 in Mexico.

“Given the dilemma presented by current circumstances, in Mexico we chose to ensure the health of older adults who worked as volunteer packers in our stores and asked for their retirement, and despite not being Walmex employees, we gave them support economic to cope with this crisis and we are considering additional measures to support them, “says the company.

The company said they plan to continue operating during normal hours in most of its stores, as they have done so far.



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