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Another Friday in January 2021 and with it we have a new episode of WandaVision and naturally there are Easter eggs that jumped to the screen and others much more hidden.

New Episode: New Intro

WandaVision easter eggs

As we are entering the era of color television, WandaVision has an intro that rescues another iconic series of the times: The Brady Bunch, a series that lasted five seasons and that was about a couple who come together and live under the same roof: he with three sons and she with three daughters.

And Wanda and Vision’s family grows rapidly in this episode, doubled with the arrival of the twins.

Hexagons – AIM

WandaVision easter eggs

Throughout the episode we see hexagons (you can notice Geraldine’s earrings that have that shape), however the clearest example is the intro of the series.

This strengthens the theory that AIM (Advanced Idea Mechanics) may also be behind everything that Wanda is experiencing in this artificial world. In case you don’t remember, AIM we saw him in Iron Man 3 in the character of Aldrich Killian (Guy pearce) who was the founder and owner of this organization of arms dealers, terrorists and scientists.

A different pregnancy and doctor

Something to highlight about WandaVision is that the plot progresses like Quicksilver: quickly. So in the series we see the last three months of Wanda’s pregnancy in a minute aspect.

As an extra detail, in the comics this happens more slowly while the obstetrician could not be other than Dr. Stephen Strange.

Second commercial in line with Hydra

WandaVision easter eggs

Previously we had seen the clock with the surname of Wolfgang von Struckerr and that it was totally a connection to Hydra, being another of the candidates that would be behind all this. Now, it is Hydra soap that says the slogan: “When you want to get away from it all, but you don’t want to go anywhere”

Billy and Tommy

Although we already knew it, Wanda and Vision throughout episode three debate between what name they are going to give the boy or girl. “Tommy for being a more American name” says Wanda, while Vision wants Billy for reminding William Shakespeare. In the end Tommy comes first but Billy surprised them and we finally meet the twins.

Agnes jewel

It is the first time we have seen Agnes show a different face than we saw her in the first two episodes as the ‘nosy neighbor’. Here, she is still nosy but knows much more than she appears and even the neighbor Herb. How many know what really happens?

What Agnes is wearing around her neck – and which she has worn in the previous episodes – clearly reminds us of part of her outfit. Agatha harkness, and although it hasn’t been made official, it is highly likely that Agnes is the powerful witch Agatha. But in addition, this jewel presents us with three figures that could be the allied forces that keep Wanda locked up.

WandaVision easter eggs

Who would they be? The names mentioned are Agatha, Mephisto and a third that could be Wonder Man or his brother Grim reaper.

Pietro and Ultron

It seemed like Wanda – and the MCU in general – had completely forgotten about her twin brother Pietro, but thanks to Geraldine (aka Monica rambeau) was that Wanda opened that wound, who apparently consciously “kicked” Officer Rambeau from Westview.

This mention clearly leaves the door open for us to see, in one way or another, Quicksilver’s ‘return’ either as a flashback or as a dream within this simulated reality.

The real Westview

The expulsion of Geraldine (Monica) lets us see that Westview does exist on the physical plane, Wanda is not living within something that happens 100% in her head, but that there are physical limits but, Who will be able to enter Wanda’s Westview?

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Curious fact

Although it is not properly an easter egg from episode three of WandaVision, it is something to emphasize: an image was circulating in networks that showed the lack of makeup on Paul Bettany’s arm in one of the scenes of the intro

Unless Marvel is extremely perfectionist and wants to spend a few hundred dollars to fix a second of that mistake, chances are they will stick with that mistake, which you can see – if you catch it – in the intro of episode three.


Sergio López Aguirre Stanley Kubrick once said “To have a broader vision, not only see good movies, but also the bad ones” obviously I listened to him in the second and it is very funny.

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