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WandaVision is suitable for all audiences | Marvel studios

At last, the first television series of Marvel Studios finally airs on Disney +. The first two episodes of “WandaVision” were released on the streaming service early on Friday morning and fans of Marvel may finally return to the franchise for the first time since « Spider-Man Far From Home ».

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Given the different tone, it’s easy to wonder how appropriate or inappropriate the series can beespecially when compared to the rest of the superhero franchise.

For parents looking for answers about WandaVision And the type of content it contains, the series is mostly mild that all members of the family could enjoy. It is rated TV-PG, which means it is suitable for most childrenalthough some parental guidance is suggested.

If you have a younger child and are concerned about the action and violence of Marvel films, that’s not a problem with « WandaVision, » at least not in the first two episodes.

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The series is made to look like comedies of classic situation, there is no actual violence or action sequences to speak of.

The only thing in « WandaVision » that can make you stop when it comes to watching the series with children are the questions that will generate about what actually happens within the series.

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