warn third in south korea

This Sunday the Government will decide on the need to impose even more restrictions

| 12/05/2020 | ionicons-v5-c16: 30 | Israel Rubio |

South Korean authorities asked citizens to be patient at this time, after Seoul outbreaks of coronavirus called a third wave

The number of new cases is close to the highs of 9 months ago, . reports, citing the South Korean Agency for Disease Prevention and Control (KDCA).

Health authorities reported that there are only 59 beds available for the immediate admission of seriously ill patients, which could be occupied in less than two weeks.

According to Lim Sook-young, a KDCA official, quoted by ., this wave of infections is different from the first two, which were driven by large-scale transmission. « The recent outbreaks are small, multiple and spread in people’s daily lives, » he said. In addition, Lim maintained that « the current wave is not limited to a specific group or place, but can be around our homes, relatives and acquaintances. »

Data from Johns Hopkins University indicate that South Korea is not among the top 90 countries most affected by the pandemic, accounting for 36,915 positive cases and 540 deaths to date.

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