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It seems that, despite the apocalyptic forecasts of some directors, the big studios have no intention of releasing the big box office profits. In a new interview, Jason kilar, president of Warner Media, revealed that he believes that it is highly likely that the most anticipated films of 2022 will only reach theaters and their simultaneous release in streaming will be a thing of the past.

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According to Vox, Jason kilar, president of Warner Media, spoke about the controversial hybrid same-day launch strategy that began with Wonder Woman 1984 – 76%. The statement will surely go down well with the owners of complexes, since they believe that it is most likely that by 2022 their most anticipated films will reach theaters first and then after a window period in streaming.

I think it’s fair to say that a big movie, let’s say a DC movie… it’s safe to say that that would exclusively go to theaters first and then end up somewhere else like HBO Max after it’s in theaters.

What does this mean? That while in the United States they have had the opportunity to see movies like Godzilla vs. Kong – 85% or Little Secrets – 13% in both cinemas and HBO Max from the first day they premiere, that might not happen with expected productions scheduled for 2022 like The Batman or the next installment of Fantastic Animals and Where to Find Them – 73%.

Not that this affects much how it has happened in the first half of the year in regions like Latin America. These films have reached theaters exclusively, as there is still no access to HBO Max. The interesting thing will be to see if this will happen from June, when the streaming service has its launch. Although it seems that the simultaneous strategy will be replicated for titles like The Suicide Squad or Dune, we will have to wait until the official announcement.

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Kilar also spoke about how he thinks they could have better handled communication with some directors who, like Denis Villeneuve, were angered at the idea that their films would have this simultaneous release. Although he has no regrets about the move, he says he wished he had discussed it with them before it was made public:

There is no doubt that it was a bump in early December of last year. If I had a chance to do it again, I think it sure would have taken us a couple more days to see if we could have more conversations than we were able to get into.

With America’s all-out vaccination campaign and the hope that soon the rest of the world can pick up the pace in inoculation as well, it appears that the box office and its ability to raise tickets remain a priority for studios. And senior executives have no doubt that once it is possible, people will not hesitate to visit theaters as we used to before the virus.

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