Washington DC shields itself for atypical Joe Biden inauguration

The capital of the United States and the state capitols continue to increase their security, just hours after the inauguration of Joe Biden, and although the authorities assure that everything is “under control”, the fear of violent demonstrations and even possible acts of violence does not cease. complicity from the security lines.

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Just look at the images of Washington DC in the vicinity of the Capitol and the White House, where tall fences, minor barricades and military trucks cut off traffic and pedestrians.

Gone are the festivities for the inaugurations of new leaders, when thousands of Americans flocked to the capital and celebrated along the immense promenade The Mall in front of the Capitol.

In fact, today more than 25,000 members of the National Guard are deployed in the capital, seconded by members of regional police who assist their colleagues in Washington DC.

In this way, preparations continue for an inauguration that was already prevented would be atypical due to the danger of contagion posed by the coronavirus pandemic and now it becomes exclusive, because the population will not be able to participate, for security reasons.

Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy told The Associated Press on Sunday that authorities are aware of the possibility of a threat and warned commanders to be alert for any suspicious movement within the ranks of the military.

However, all the senior military assure that there is no hint of any threat and that no irregular situation has emerged.

“We are continually reviewing the process, and taking a second and third look at each person involved in this operation,” McCarthy said after he and other military leaders conducted a comprehensive three-hour security exercise in preparation for the ceremony. Presidential inauguration on Wednesday, January 20.

Indeed, the presidential elections were validated by the Electoral College and the Congress of the nation, but there are those who question them and did so when they stormed the National Capitol on January 6, while legislators were preparing to certify them.

On Friday, Vice President Mike Pence and his successor Kamala Harris spoke by phone. Although details of the conversation are not known, according to The New York TimesPence congratulated Harris and offered assistance in a dialogue described as “polite.”

Pence will attend the transfer of command ceremony, while the outgoing president, Donald Trump, will travel to Florida to settle in his Mar-a-Lago residence in Palm Beach.

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