Watching Kratos dance in Fortnite generates rejection among God of War fans

Kratos certainly doesn’t fit that style.

The world of entertainment and video games sometimes leaves us crossovers very interesting, but on other occasions the result of these collaborations is not so good. As you surely know, this week Kratos has arrived at Fortnite, a movement that we did not see coming, and what has caused rejection in a sector of the followers of God of War.

In Fortnite, in case you don’t know, they can be done dances to hesitate, celebrate or just for the laugh. Of course, with Kratos being a playable character now, he can do all those moves, which he certainly quite out of tune with the character, who is very hard and cold. This has made many players criticize the incorporation of Kratos to the battle-royale.

Worst of all is not really that some players show their disagreement because Kratos doesn’t even glue in that context, but some players have even made some homophobic comments. It’s one thing not to like the character, but stepping over that line is out of place. What is clear is that collaborations like this make us rethink whether all crossovers Should be carry out.

The truth is that Fortnite, which broke records for simultaneous players this week with the Galactus event, has incorporated skins of all kinds to the video game and its players will be very happy to have a character like Kratos, regardless of whether it fits more or less for God of War fans. By the way, as for the battle-royale, Epic games has announced that it is canceling all Fortnite face-to-face events for 2021.

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