watchOS 7.3 arrives with a new sphere, and it is the most curious

Apple released yesterday new beta versions of their operating systems, the so-called “Release Candidate”. We saw iOS 14.4 RC and also watchOS 7.3 RC, they will probably be the final versions arriving over the next week.

Apple Watch SE
Apple Watch dials continue to evolve

And precisely one of the novelties that this watchOS 7.3 beta includes is a new sphere that had not appeared until now in the betas of this version. His name is “Unity” and includes some interesting quirks.

“Unity”, the new sphere of the Apple Watch

With watchOS 7 a large number of spheres arrived on the Apple Watch and now with watchOS 7.3 they will be expanded with a new one Watch face called “Unity.” This new sphere is based on the colors of the Pan-African Flag and shows the time in two large rows of numbers.

You can customize the watch face with three different color schemes: black / gray, red / black / green and red / black / yellow. These are precisely the colors of the Pan-African flag.

«Red represents the blood that unites the people of the African diaspora and was shed for their liberation. Black is for the people whose lives are affirmed by the flag. And green is a symbol of the vibrant natural wealth of Africa, the Motherland.«.

Unity sphere
The new “Unity” sphere

The “Unity” dial allows users to add a date complication at the top and another complication at the bottom. However, the most interesting thing about this new watch face is something unique and new so far: change as you move.

Apple has not detailed exactly how it works, but as reported from ., «shapes and colors subtly change when you move, and all this happens in real time. When I walk or move my arms, I can see that the face of the watch changes slowly.

It is expected that the final version of watchOS 7.3 is available throughout the week that comes and all users with a compatible Apple Watch will be able to update to enjoy this new sphere and the rest of the news.

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