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The totally virtual Quito International Book Fair 2020 inaugurated

Quito, Dec 8 (EFE) .- The XIII edition of the Quito International Book Fair 2020 was inaugurated this Tuesday in an act with which a series of events exclusively in virtual start, due to the pandemic, which will also have its space in the literary debate. The Fair will run until this Sunday through a platform that integrates 88 pavilions assigned to publishing, university and independent companies, as well as bookstores, to which are added four virtual rooms designated for exhibitions and cultural events, debates or book presentations. “So far, we have a good outlook and very good reception from the public, although we regret that it was not possible to do it in person,” Santiago Vizcaíno, the head of content for FIL Quito 2020, told Efe. FEMINISM AND PUBLISHING SECTOR Like most of the trade fairs in Latin American countries, the one in Quito has been promoted with the purpose of “reactivating the cultural sectors”, under a concept that allows the reader and the sector to meet. Ecuadorian publishing house. Vizcaíno highlighted women as “highlights” of the literary exhibition, who will have a tribute in the current edition in recognition of their role in the difficult moments of the pandemic. Thus, Latin American authors such as the Mexican Alma Guillermoprieto, the Bolivian Giovanna Rivero or the Argentine Gabriela Cabezón Cámara, and Ecuadorian writers such as María Fernanda Ampuero or Sabrina Duque will take part. “All of them are giving a lot to talk about in Latin America and they have a consolidated work,” said the head of content. The manager of the “José de la Cuadra” National Book and Reading Plan, Juana Neira, announced today that the agenda is “powerful and innovative”, and specified that one of the four virtual rooms has been specially enabled for children and youth. Among the countries that will participate, he listed Spain, Colombia, Mexico, Argentina and China, as well as several Ecuadorian cities. For her part, the Minister of Culture and Heritage, Angélica Arias, recalled in the opening ceremony that reading has become “a powerful vaccine” in times of pandemic, and “a way to be free in a reality in which the virus grips us and subdues us. ” The current call “has the aroma of a woman,” he stressed, with the participation of female narrators and poets from Ecuador and the world, but the challenge in the current situation is to reactivate the publishing industry. “Without the publishing industry, the creative effort could be in vain,” said Arias, commenting that “the sector’s losses are counted in the millions.” READING AS A REFUGE IN PANDEMIC Sara Jaramillo, director for the Ecuador office of the Organization of Ibero-American States (OEI), one of the sponsoring organizations, recovered the value of culture, and of reading in particular, as a “generator of resilience” . “Reading has been a refuge for many of us,” he said and recalled that 7 out of 10 children in Ecuador do not understand what they read, according to World Bank data. 160 speakers are expected to participate in round tables, conferences and presentations, among other activities. One of the themes with its own space will be literature and literary fairs in times of pandemic. The president of the Ecuadorian Chamber of Books, Oswaldo Almeida, said that his institution, with 42 years of experience, decided to support the realization of the literary meeting, “knowing in advance the enormous need that this sector has to reactivate, on which thousands of people depend. families “. The fact that the show is completely online has opened the field to visitors from all over the country and abroad. For this edition of the Fair, the “José de la Cuadra” National Book and Reading Plan of the Ministry of Culture and Heritage, the OEI and the Ecuadorian Book Chamber have worked together. (c) EFE Agency

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