“We are always looking for ways to impress our community”

PlayStation is going to have a 2023 full of emotion, and in the short time this year has passed, the brand in the world of video games has already had several milestones. The recent launch of PSVR2 shows us its evolution in immersive gaming, while the presentation of its controller designed for the pro gamer, the Dual Sense Edge, left many impressed.

But that is not all. Its strong campaign bringing PS5 games to the world of PC, The Last of Us series on HBO and the Gran Turismo movie that presented its trailer at CES, are important milestones in the world of entertainment that make one thing clear: PlayStation is looking to reach more people and grow what is known as the gamer community. Because simply: video games are for everyone.

Interview with Rafael Stival, Head of Marketing at PlayStation

A few weeks ago, prior to the launch of PSVR2, we talked with Rafael Stival, Head of Marketing at PlayStation, about the milestones that have accompanied the brand in recent months and what’s to come for 2023. In the interview, we started talking about the launches recent and also the option to customize your Playstation products.

Regarding the Dual Sense Edge control, Rafael pointed out that “since we launched the PS5 we have been developing very interesting things. We have focused on innovation.” Focus? “Respond to the fans and our beloved community.”

Dual Sense Edge

Rafael points out that Dual Sense Edge is a control that can be modified at will. “Not only is it a control with different styles, but the player can modify it at will to have a more tailored gaming experience, ideal for the titles they want to play.” In this sense, the Head of Marketing of PlayStation highlighted, for example, the ability to modify buttons and levers for a game more like when facing each other in a “shooter”.

“From PlayStation we are always looking for the community, the fans, to have a more immersive experience,” he said. And they have succeeded by far.

PlayStation VR2: the second time’s the charm

In the interview, we also talked about PSVR2. Let’s remember that PlayStation already had a version “1” of virtual reality glasses. Without a doubt, PSVR2 is an improved experience.

According to Rafael, they rescued a lot of feedback from gamers and the community regarding PSVR for the development of PSVR2. “We have plans for this new experience, and we are very excited about this launch. Waiting for the evaluation of consumers, ”he stressed.

And it is that PSVR2 started with a quite interesting catalog of games, among which Rafael stands out as the most recommended to “Horizon: Call of The Mountain”. We even asked him “Which game would you recommend to a non-gamer to get the most out of the VR experience?” and he pointed to this title.

Why “Horizon: Call of The Mountain”? “For its immersive, different and very complete experience.” Although his first response was “all titles” (all games) and we laughed. It also highlighted a not minor milestone: GT7 is also compatible with PSVR2 and changes the gaming experience. Something that we certainly invite you to try.

Personalization and colors

Something that has been part of the trend in the last generation of consoles, and that PlayStation has been able to address very well, is the customization of its products. For example, PS5 has colored replacements for its white exterior plates, which you can accompany with matching Dual Sense controls.

Rafael points out that these types of things are elements in constant development, that he cannot tell us much, but that more accessories will clearly be coming out both for PS5, and for its main associated products such as PSVR2 and Dual Sense Edge.

beyond the games

But as we anticipated at the beginning, this 2023 for PlayStation is more than what we are used to. Much more. We asked the Head of Marketing of PlayStation regarding other milestones in the world of entertainment: such as the success of the series “The Last Of Us”, which also generated an increase in video game sales.

“These collaborations, like that of “The Last of Us”, make us very happy. It gives great exposure to the video game and our community likes it,” says Stival. Additionally, he highlighted what’s to come: “the GT movie with Sony Pictures.”

Something that for Rafael “is going to be very good and highly valued by our fans and our consumers. Marked by the release of God Of War: Rägnarok, Dual Sense Edge, PSVR2 and more, this excellent era for Playstation is fueled by years of work.

When consulting Rafael about the success of Kratos’ latest title, he did not focus only on the game, but on the franchise’s legacy, highlighting others such as GT or Horizon.

Reborn after the pandemic

“The brand has never been stronger than now. We suffered the pandemic like everyone else, but we have been working hard to give consumers the opportunity to have a PS5 in their hands”, Rafael tells us.

He emphasizes that they are constantly working to avoid stock problems, that they have never been “stronger than now” and that “Latam is very important for the company.” “We look carefully at what consumers want…we want to be closer to the players,” she added.

Releases: an incredible 2023

PlayStation has 2023 very powerful. Another milestone in this line, highlighted by Rafael is the launch of Final Fantasy XVI: “it will be a very important collaboration, along the lines of what we always seek to deliver.”

Likewise, he was excited about “Spiderman 2” and all the potential of the video game. And it is that if we talk about exclusives, PlayStation has always given the maximum.

Playstation’s Head of Marketing assures us that his partners and the PlayStation team will deliver much more this year. Attentive. PlayStation confirmed its commitment to the community and the ability to continue surprising us.

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