“We are worse than in the first wave”

The United Kingdom is the European country most affected by the coronavirus pandemic and right now it is the spearhead of the third wave of Covid-19. That’s why warnings that come from the British Isles charge extra interest. And a warning is what Belén Montoro does, a Spanish nurse based in London.

In conversation with the BBC, Montoro reflects: “If we really can’t deal with the situation now, What are we going to do in two weeks? The truth is that it worries me, it worries me a lot. “

“The memories of the first wave come and sometimes they catch me a bit, they make me have a hard time,” he says. “It seems that now I am much more aware of what we live in the first wave “, he assures.

“I feel that we are already in a very, very bad time. Now the numbers of infected are very high, which means that in a week or two that will be reflected in the ICU, “he warns.

“In the ICU, patients are very unstable and need a lot of care. Under normal conditions we take care of patients individually, from 1 to 1, and right now we are taking care of 1 to 2 or 1 to 4, that is, a nurse with 4 patients very unstable. And of course that’s not safe“, Explain.

“We are working in a way that creates uncertainty, a lot of anxiety, stress … If those numbers continue to increase I don’t know what’s going to happen, but I’m very scared“, he confesses.

“Patients suffer a lot”

His testimony is heartbreaking: “Most ICU patients are in an induced coma when the situation is very critical. But we also have patients who are awake. And they suffer a lot, because most have a ventilation that is not invasive but that hurts a lot in the face. “

“And these patients are dying a lot and … I think people don’t realize it, but we as nurses also suffer a lot seeing them in this situation of stress and agony. See them cry that way And knowing that you can’t do much for them is quite devastating sometimes, “he adds.

“Although we are more prepared in terms of protocols, in terms of equipment, in terms of guidelines to deal with this second wave, I believe that our spirits, fatigue and mental health is much worse. And obviously that is a fundamental pillar to be able to carry it out, “he says.

This young woman from Jaén, who has been in London for 5 years, makes another reflection: “It hurts me that there are people who do not believe it because I live it every day, and there are people who will never be able to tell it. Out of respect for them already us, please … What else do you need to see to know that this is happening and see that some rules must be respected for this to end? “

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