We can blame the PSOE for the lack of reforms to combat abusive rises in the price of electricity despite their insistence

The spokesperson for United We Can in Congress, Pablo Echenique, has assured that the rise in the price of electricity, which has marked all-time highs, is a “shame” and has alleged that they have been insisting on the PSOE, their coalition government partner, to apply reforms to regulate the cost received by the user, although “with little success” due to their minority status in the coalition.

Besides, it has claimed that its formation is committed to a public energy company to compete with the “private oligopoly” or “recover for the public companies that were short-sold to foreign capital, such as Endesa “.

This has been explained in several comments published on Twitter as a result of criticism of the rise in more than 20% of light and electricity, which has motivated criticism by various parliamentary groups.

In addition, formations that supported the General Budgets of the Executive, such as Compromís or Bildu, have demanded explanations. In the case of the Valencian party, they have directly challenged the second vice president, Pablo Iglesias, to now apply the regulation of the price of electricity that he claims when he was in the opposition.

On this matter, Echenique has said that the increase in the price of electricity is “a disgrace” and that the current setting of the cost of the kilowatt hour (designed by the PP) is a gotcha designed to benefit electricity companies “.

After that, he has put an image of the coalition agreement with the PSOE in which, for example, the making a plan for the reform of the electricity system and regulatory changes to “end the overpayment (known as benefits fallen from the sky) “.

Claim to the PSOE

“We have been urging our coalition partner on the importance of carrying out these reforms, indeed, since 2018, when some very similar measurements they were included in the budget agreement on our initiative “, specified the parliamentarian of the purple formation.

Then, Echenique recalled that the powers to carry out these reforms “are not found in the ministries of United We Can”, but still they have kept insisting. “For example, recently in the Climate Change Law. With little success,” he has shelled.

Despite this, Echenique has revealed that the Ministry of Consumer Affairs, led by Alberto Garzón, “is already looking for urgent solutions“. Garzón himself has asked the National Commission of Markets and Competition (CNMC) to investigate” if there have been irregularities in the electricity market, “as he has indicated in networks.

In addition, he has emphasized that United We can think that a public energy company should be created to compete with the “private oligopoly” or the possibility of “recover for the public companies that were short-sold to foreign capital, such as Endesa “.

Finally, he explained that in politics “the ability to introduce elements of the program in government agreements or the ability to speed up certain reforms It depends on how strong you are, in terms of votes and seats. “” The PSOE has 120 and we have 35, “he concluded.

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