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Our head coach Orhun Ene made a statement after the FIBA ​​EuroBasket 2022 Qualifying match, where our National Men’s Basketball Team defeated Croatia.

Ene said:

“Now of course there are ups and downs in the cadres. It is not correct to make a prediction about forward-looking basketball based on this. The Croatian team came here today with its shortcomings. We know these, but at the level of national teams in Europe, no matter which match you look at, there is one thing: Everyone is fighting now. The basketball that the countries you call small countries play in order to win the match is very different from the past. For him, every match is difficult, nothing easy.

But there is a beautiful structure where we combine a new generation with experienced players. Sometimes there are good things that work, sometimes there are technical parts that don’t work. But there is also a very important effort to fight, to protect the team, to take every match seriously. I congratulate our team for him.

We have deficiencies, we fix them. Not easy. It is not easy for players like Shane Larkin and Melih Mahmutoğlu, who are role players in their teams, who share important roles, to step in here with a different chemistry and structure, but they also put a great character to be a part of it. Like our other players.

We started this business with 17 people. In this process, I would like to thank all the players who made an effort for us in every training and struggled to join the team in every training. I thank the clubs. Clubs where they play a very important position up to all the teams in the EuroLeague team and our league Turkey demonstrated this stance.

Finding the opportunity to work in the process where there is Turkey Cup has brought us a better team appeared. It is very valuable that they cannot practice with the players they have sent here, and that they risk it. We will support them as much as we can in this process. This was important.

We should also thank the Federation. It was an important advantage for us to take these matches here. Maybe it is played without an audience due to the epidemic, but it has been an important advantage in terms of adapting the players to the team again during the EuroLeague process. Thanks to them too. I also thank the technical team here. They also added their nights to their days. I would like to thank all the other managers and directors of the national team, everyone. We had an excellent process.

Here is the beginning of something. These beginnings will be difficult, but it will get better every day from now on. Especially when our squad gets deeper with our players like Furkan, who will join the staff later, like Cedi, we will bring together the important two generations to make a strong team.

Shane gave a very important, good example today. He took a very important lead with his defense. Everyone must have this opinion here. It was like this until today, I hope it will continue like this. “

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