It is true that the rebound on the Ibex is taking its time, it is costing you. But to this day we still have no sign to indicate that it has come to an end.

Technical analysis

Short term

Medium term

Long term

Go ahead you expected a little more verticality in the current rebound (or reaction phase). But this does not mean much less that the rebound has come to an end. More than anything because we continue to have very short-term rising lows and highs and so it does not fall. And also because no support has been drilled. In theory, the price should be restructured upwards again shortly, with an eye towards the resistance we have in the 7,058 points and above the bearish gap of the 7,436 points. And above those 8,000 Points as a 50% retracement of the previous crash. Finally, our selective closed this Tuesday with rises of 1.88% closing at the highs of the day, which a priori is a signal that invites optimism in the face of the continuation of the rebound that started a couple of weeks ago.

Ibex 35 daily chart


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