we must be prepared

Bill Gates analyzes the world: umpteenth chapter. This time the billionaire reflects on what would be the next pandemic to affect our planet, after COVID-19.

More than 15 million deaths, According to figures from the World Health Organization, and an incalculable amount of money in economic losses, not to mention the mental health problems caused by the restrictions on humanity. Few things can be worse than the coronavirus.

And yet, Bill Gates warns of something that can overcome it.

the creator of microsoft recently spoke to the BBC, where he expressed his concern about this next pandemic. Which is it?

The next pandemic that will affect humanity

According to Bill Gates, humanity must be prepared for bioterrorism.

Interpol rates bioterrorism as the “international release of biological agents or toxins, with the purpose of harming or killing humans, animals or plants, with the intent to intimidate a government or civilian population to further political or social objectives”.

The scenario envisioned by Bill Gates is this: “What if a bioterrorist brought smallpox to ten airports? There are epidemics caused naturally and others caused by bioterrorism, which could even be worse than what we experience today.

“We must be ready to stop disasters,” considered the philanthropist, who affirms that it is necessary to invest in technology that allows detecting and responding to possible attacks.

Bill Gates, the usual suspect

Gates was accused, during the pandemic, of being behind the creation and spread of the virus. In times of conspiracy, the American is the usual suspect.

“I didn’t expect that,” he said. “During the pandemic, there were tens of millions of messages saying that I caused it on purpose or that I am tracking people.”

“It is true that I am involved with vaccines, but I am involved with vaccines to save lives,” Bill Gates stressed.

“These messages somehow reversed that. I guess people are looking for the ‘bogeyman’ behind the curtain, the overly simplistic explanation. Malevolence is much easier to understand than biology.”

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