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Thus began the love story of Nuria Roca and Juan del Val (which has lasted more than 20 years)

Twenty years ago Nuria Roca and Juan del Val have shared their lives as husband and wife, and after a long time in which the presenter was the one who took all the media attention, in recent times and thanks to the participation of the writer in El Hormiguero , we have been able to know more about them. However, it is not the first time that they have worked together. This Tuesday, the Madrilenian presented his new book and his friend, Pablo Motos, could not help but ask him how his relationship with the Valencian began. As the collaborator has said, it all started while he was editor of a magazine that has already disappeared. – Juan del Val looks back and shares a photo with Nuria Roca from 15 years ago VIEW GALLERY Twenty-two years ago, Juan del Val was watching television when he came across Wuaku wuaku, the animal program that Nuria Roca presented, and he He was totally in love with her beauty. For this reason, he wanted to interview her for the magazine in which she wrote, but after several telephone rejections, he went to look for her on television. She again refused to answer his questions because she didn’t have time, she was running to Valencia, and she had to get into a taxi to get to the airport. Then the Madrilenian offered to take her himself, and she accepted. – Nuria Roca remembers her wedding with Juan del Val: ’20 years and 20 more that she would repeat ‘In this interview, conducted between the car and the airport, causing Nuria to miss several flights for continuing to talk to him, Juan del Val confirmed what He had already seen on television the beauty and style of his future wife, and looked for an excuse to see her again later. He stayed with her with the premise of showing her how the piece had been in the magazine but … after hours talking, when the presenter asked him where it was, she realized that she had left it at home. – Discover the fascinating story of Ángeles, Nuria Roca’s mother-in-law who is dedicated to reintegrating prisoners SEE GALLERY Two years later they were getting married on October 6, 2000, in the Valencian town of El Puig. Of her first year of marriage, Nuria said: “Juan is my perfect complement. As a couple we understand each other wonderfully.” In addition, at that time, she already confirmed that she wanted to be a mother. “I plan to be a mother, although we have not set a date yet. I believe that motherhood makes you more generous, more concerned about others and many other things that, ultimately, make you a better person.” In 2002 they announced that they were expecting their first child, whom they named Juan. “He is a wanted child. Since we got married we have been waiting for this moment and now it has arrived,” said the television station. After him came Pau and Olivia, who complete a strong family full of love.

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