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The 48 hours Film Project rally drives Mexican creators into a pandemic

Mexico, Jan 9 (EFE) .- Around 160 Mexican creators compete in the short rally The 48 hours Film Project Mexico with the hope of arriving at the Cannes International Film Festival and finding a professional space in the film industry . “It is a great democratic festival of cinema in which whoever wants to can enter, there are no requirements. That is why most of the participants are emerging filmmakers from 20 to 30 years old who are entering the world of cinema,” said in an interview with Efe the Director of the event in Mexico, Camilla Demichelis. This is the seventh edition of the rally, which has venues in more than 150 cities around the world, which encourages filmmakers to create a short film from scratch and with certain specifications in just 48 hours. “It was a very particular edition because it was done in the middle of the pandemic, we had to postpone the call because of that, but we saw that there was a lot of interest and we did it,” with all the necessary health measures, says Demichelis. Despite the difficult times, 160 teams signed up, 60 fewer than the previous year, and competing for broadcasting, monetary, team awards, as well as the arrival of their work in Cannes. “The best short goes to the world final where it competes with 130 other winners by region and from there the two best shorts go to Cannes. Locally the winner has a fund to be able to do other work and we have alliances with several festivals so that the shorts are selected immediately in other events, “he says. The award ceremony will take place on January 14 and the jury is made up of actresses Marina de Tavira and Gabriela de Garza and Estrella Araiza, from the Guadalajara International Film Festival, to address the gender inequality that still exists in the industry Demichelis explains. FINDING A SPACE IN THE INDUSTRY The rally has also meant for many an opportunity to find their own talents, capacities, but above all, to strengthen the vocation of creators in the cinematographic field. This is the case of Alonso Nájera, director of “Percuna”, and Giovanni Rivera and Alan Hernández, directors of “Sueño de otra vida”, shorts that are currently competing for the Audience Award. This is the second experience of Nájera, 25, in the contest. From the rally he has learned to make contacts, professionalize his work and boost his creativity and the result of his effort this year became a very personal work attached to his beliefs. In little more than a minute, “Percuna” narrates the kidnapping of a nature goddess at the hands of some species traffickers. With this, it seeks to show the destructive relationship that humans have with the environment and seeks to raise awareness about it. “It seems to me that environmental issues are the most important today, starting because the pandemic started with disrespect for nature. The visual metaphors (in the short) go around for people to reflect on the fact that if we are as we are is for that reason “, assures Nájera. “Percuna”, from the Biripfilms production house, had the work of more than 20 people, a team that Nájera has built throughout his life, according to comments. In the team are the musicalist Boscop Benavente, from the band Quiero Club; Stephanie Márquez Rueda, art director of “Luis Miguel, the series” (2018), and actor Eduardo Eliseo, who participated in “I promise you anarchy” (2015). For its part, “Sueño de otra vida” tells the story of a woman who lives between dreams and in depression, longing for the return of the past, while her pain is mixed with the dance and music of a piano that she plays herself. Rivera and Hernández arrived at the rally after participating in a festival of short films made with cell phones and, after several projects together, they now know that it is the beginning of a career in audiovisual projects. “Upon entering 48, we took a very professional step from the production team we had, our work is at the level of an international festival and we are very critical of what we did, the requirement from the beginning was to do something ‘top'” , assures Hernández. Although the three participants assure that budget issues can be a major problem to be part of this industry, they consider that the most important thing is to have the desire to carry out a project. “You can create movies if you want from your home, the question is that you want to do it for real and you cheer up. It was difficult for us to throw ourselves, the most difficult thing is to remove your fear, but after that the rest is magical,” says Rivera. Both “Percuna” and “Sueño de otra vida” are available on the rally’s virtual platform and hope to obtain the highest number of votes from the public. (c) EFE Agency

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