“We will respond in a calculated way”: US reacts with indignation to attack in Baghdad’s Green Zone

15 minutes. The Government of the United States (USA) showed its “indignation” after the new attack with projectiles carried out on Monday against the Green Zone of the capital of Iraq, Baghdad, which ended without victims, a week after the death of a US contractor in a similar attack in the city of Erbil.

“We are outraged by the latest attacks,” said US State Department spokesman Ned Price. Highlighted that “There is no higher priority than ensuring the safety and well-being of American personnel and citizens, as well as the security of the facilities “.

“The Iraqi people have suffered for too long this kind of violence and this violation of their sovereignty,” Price said. Next, the US State Department official recalled that the attack in Erbil “caused damage to civilians and the coalition forces.” However, he declined to attribute responsibility for the time being.

Iran’s responsibility

The Saraya Auliya al DamLa group claimed responsibility for the attack in Erbil, capital of the semi-autonomous region of Iraqi Kurdistan. In doing so he assured that the objective was “American occupation.” However, he did not present evidence about his role in it.

Price noted that Washington “holds Iran responsible for the actions of its partners who attack Americans.” “May I add that the rockets fired in the recent attacks (…) are manufactured and delivered by Iran“, he detailed.

Price noted that Washington will choose the “time and place” for a “calculated” response, “using a mix of tools.” “We will not attack suddenly and we will not risk an escalation that works in Iran’s favor and contributes to its attempts to destabilize Iraq even more,” he argued.

Finally, he added that “any answer is will be carried out in coordination with Iraqi partners and the coalition “.

For his part, US Defense Department spokesman John Kirby said that “it is difficult to say with certainty if there is a strategic calculation” behind the recent attacks or “if it is a continuation of the type of attacks seen in the past.” .

“We are here to confront the Islamic State, at the invitation of the Iraqi government,” he recalled at a press conference. “Our commanders, like Iraqi commanders, have the right to self-defense,” he warned.

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