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WWE doesn't trust Mustafa Ali's abilities

Mustafa Ali recently made headlines when he ventured on Raw Talk about Retribution staying out of Legends Night. He said Legends can barely walk, while talents in the prime of their careers were left out of the first episode of 2021.

After Ali got a ton of praise for that Raw Talk promo, he tweeted a photo of himself from that appearance with the caption “We don’t know if we can give you a live microphone again.” as title. This gave the impression that Mustafa Ali was told that he could not be given a live microphone.

Mustafa Ali and the controversial phrase he put on twitter

Ringside News asked Ali that he was told that he cannot be trusted with a live microphone. No one we have spoken to has found out that this happened in recent memory. Mustafa Ali has been with WWE since 2016.

We were told this is “just him promoting his own stuff”, but he was also pointed out as “smart”. Mustafa Ali has used social media brilliantly and continues to do so.

Even before he became the leader of Retribution, Mustafa Ali took to social media with self-produced promotions that put some of those on television to shame. That tactic of using social media as your creative tool hasn’t changed.

Mustafa Ali’s Retribution character is someone who has experienced a lot of rejection, reflecting his professional career in many ways. It has also more than proven that a live microphone can be trusted.

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