Website seeks to collect all the life and work of Shigeru Miyamoto, creator of Super Marioros and president of Nintendo

When we talk about the explosion of video games between the early eighties and the mid-nineties, it is impossible for the name of Nintendo not to appear. And one of the great responsible for the success of the Japanese company is the presence of Shigeru Miyamoto in his offices.

It is no coincidence that Shigeru Miyamoto is described as the “father of modern video games” or the “Walt Disney of electronic games”. To his credit, in addition to being the current president of Nintendo, he has the title of having been the creator of sagas such as Super Mario Bros, The Legend of Zelda, Donkey King and Star Fox.

These are four icons that to this day continue to stomp in the entertainment industry through consoles or digital developments. Shigeru Miyamoto is, in his area, what Steve Jobs is to Apple and iPhone, to give a single comparative example.

Therefore, the Japanese developer has a large number of followers who idolize him around the world. One of those followers decided to honor him and began to create a web archive in which he wants to store all his life and work, according to a review. nintenderos.

This file begins by recording his first release, that of Super Mario Bros for Nintendo, in 1985. From then on, he collects all the data on what he said or did in his working life and how this affected the lives of gamers.

The user is identified as sprite cell, in this link save everything. He wants it to be perfect and that’s why he leaves this message on his site.

“If you come across an interview, video, social media post, book passage, or anything else in which Mr. Miyamoto speaks or writes that is not included in the file, please contact me. On twitter or email me at Also feel free to contact me if you see a typo or if you spot any kind of formatting issue.”