Weekly mutual fund flows by Perpe

The flows of investment funds and net ETF’s in the United States during the week ending on January 6 were as follows:

Flow of Investment Funds and ETF’s (Millions of dollars) – Week 1
Weekly Average 4 weeks Accumulated since the beginning of the year
– USA shares -11,493 -4,122 -11,493
– Foreign Shares -2,358 1,719 -2,358
Shares (Total) -13,852 -2,403 -13,852
Bonds 23,876 15,821 23,876
Monetary 12,117 -8,492 12,117
Raw Materials 1,326 321 1,326

I attach the weekly charts with the evolution of the four main categories in the last two years and the average of 4 weeks.

Stocks Start the year in equity funds and ETFs with major redemptions at the highest level in 10 weeks for nearly $ 14 billion. In foreign funds there are exits after 4 weeks of entry. The 4-week average has only been positive five times in the last 45 weeks.

Bonds Strong subscriptions in funds and fixed income ETFs accumulating 9 consecutive weeks of inflows for a total of close to 150,000 million dollars. The average of 4 weeks has been positive for 37 weeks.

Monetary Alternating in the last month each week entries and exits, during this there are entries in money funds for more than 12,000 million dollars.

Commodities Commodity ETF subscriptions to the highest level in 15 weeks, with the 4-week average turning positive for the first time in 10 weeks.

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