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These billionaires decided to create weird personal habits to save money.

The habit of saving has nothing to do with the level of income of the people.

You may be surprised at the ways they have adapted so as not to waste their millions.

This list of ten billionaires could buy whatever they wanted, live anywhere in the world, but they decided to create strange habits to save money and spend it on other things.
Characters known for their companies or for being public figures in some way, what is not so easily known about them are their strange habits so as not to waste their money. Some are surprising and incredible customs, although you could take them as an example and follow their routine.

Elon Musk (CEO of Tesla Motors and Space X)
“Try to live with almost nothing”
Musk, the richest man in the world, was clear about where he wanted to go and did not want any distraction to divert him from that goal.
He lived for a time with the “live on a dollar a day” method so he could focus on his dreams. This would be equivalent to 20 pesos each day.

Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook CEO)
“Live below your means”
The founder of Facebook he’s one of the billionaires who shies away from fancy accessories or glitzy cars.
He is known for the simplicity of dressing, in his wardrobe you will only find the well-known gray shirts and jeans.

Beyonce. (Singer and businesswoman)
“You have to look for gifts”
Beyonce is one of the greatest pop icons of our generation who could buy anything she wanted.
However, she avoids excessive purchases and prefers to wear the jewelry and clothing that jewelers and designers give her.

Warren Buffet (CEO Berkshire Hathaway)
“Choose a modest house”
The investment guru bought a house in Oklahoma, Nebraska, 50 years ago at a very affordable price, close to half a million Mexican pesos.
To date, Buffet has avoided looking to live in an exclusive area, continuing to live in the same Nebraska home.

Azim Premji (President of Wipro)
“Forget about having ‘class’”
The so-called Tsar of India, prefers to travel on a tight budget.
Thus, avoid staying in five-star hotels.
It is even said that he used plastic plates for his son’s wedding.

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Ingvard Kamprad (Founder of IKEA)
“Eat simple meals”
Using your own company to save money has never been as strange as the Kamprad way of saving.
He usually dines on meatballs that IKEA stores themselves cook.
Also, take the ingredients for free, like bags of salt from other restaurants.

Michael Bloomberg (Founder and CEO of Blommberg LP)
“Reduce expenses on your shoes”
The former mayor of New York surprised everyone when he confessed that he had only worn two pairs of shoes in the last decade.
Instead of buying new ones, he had cooked and repaired the ones he already had.

Jay Leno (TV Host)
“Have two jobs, save the salary of one”
Leno’s mantra has been with him all his life.
Being very young, he worked in a car company and in a food company, from one he spent everything and from the other he saved it.
This continued even when he was the most famous television presenter in the United States and worked doing stand-up comedy.

T. Boone Pickens (Chairman of BP Capital)
“Stick to a shopping list”
Something that is difficult for many people to achieve, Pickens has the willpower to make a shopping list and stay on budget.

Steve Jobs (Founder of Apple)
“Only buy what you need”
It is said that Jobs was an extremely thrifty person when it came to buying clothes.
He only bought things that he thought he would need at some point.
Thus, he decided not to buy a coat because he thought he would not wear it too many times to make it worth the expense.

Perhaps the habits of these ten billionaires are a good idea that you can adapt in your lifestyle and finally manage to control your personal finance.

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