What about the health of Queen Elizabeth’s husband, Felipe?

Last Wednesday it was announced that the husband of Queen Elizabeth II, Philip of Edinburgh would have been transferred to the hospital, apparently it was nothing serious, however, six days have passed and without further details, the duke it still remains in the “King Edward VII”.

The secrecy they have handled so much Queen isabel II and all the members of his family and cabinet about the condition of the royal member, begins to give rise to new speculation about whether they are actually hiding a more serious opinion about the health of the royal.

However, although the sources of the Buckingham Palace They have always been very brief to report questions about the British Royal Family, the Duke is now 99 years old and although he has always enjoyed good health, any symptom or visit to the hospital represents an alert in the world of royalty.

What about the health of Philip of Edinburgh?

So far it has been completely ruled out that the causes of his hospitalization are due to a possible contagion of covid-19, for today they assure that his condition is stable and that his admission to the hospital was due to ailments that had nothing to do with the virus or possible complications derived from it.

It is worth mentioning that the parents of Prince Charles of Wales, have already been immunized with the vaccine against the dreaded disease, the drug was applied to the royal couple at the beginning of this 2021.

It was last Tuesday night when the “consort“Queen Elizabeth was admitted to the hospital, and according to some reports, Duke Philippe of Edinburgh has a good demeanor and that keeps the medical team positive, who have decided to continue observing him for a week to make sure he is well before send him back to the castle.

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On the other hand, no reports have been made of the ailments that led to Prince Harry and William’s grandfather, “heirs to the throne“to be transferred to the hospital as a” preventive measure “as reported by sources at Buckingham Palace.

Given the discretion that has been handled, the alarms became louder after it was announced that Prince Harry would prepare everything to fly to the United Kingdom and in recent days it transpired that the first-born of the duke and the monarch went to visit him at the hospital .

“Carlos of Wales visits his father in the hospital”

It was last Saturday when Charles of England He went to the health center to see his father and accompany him for a few hours, he became known

The “Prince of Wales“He was seen coming with a gray suit and a mask, and entered through the back of the building where he spent approximately forty minutes in the room and then returned to his residence in Highgrove, according to sources close to the palace, the” future king “wanted to ascertain that his father was well after his stay had been prolonged.

It was also known that the ex-husband of the deceased Princess Diana of Wales, already received the vaccine along with his wife, Camila Parker, this, after the sovereign of England and her husband.

It should be remembered that Duke Philippe of Edinburgh is about to turn 100 on June 10, and so far, it is known that the “royal” does not want celebrations but quite the opposite.

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In addition, the health crisis has prevented the veterans of the monarchy from spending time with their offspring, so their main priority would be to continue taking care of each other, so far, Isabel and Felipe have maintained confinement so as not to risk any possibility of contagion.

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