What are kisses good for?

The results showed that for both men and women, kissing was an important and very intimate interaction. Both sexes used the kiss to measure their level of compatibility in the relationship with their partners. Furthermore, they could both be more or less attracted to their partners based solely on how satisfying it was to kiss them, reaffirming the theory that pheromones and other biochemical signals are exchanged when two people kiss.

Do men and women understand kissing the same?

However, from there several differences between men and women about why and why they kissed. Women considered that a bad kiss was decisive in not making the bond prosper, just as a good kiss could strengthen attachment; but, for men, it was likely that they wanted to continue having sexual relations with that person even though they considered that they kissed badly.

Furthermore, the data showed that men feel that a kiss should end in sex much more than women and even that half of them would be willing to have sex with a person without kissing them, compared to 14% of women. To make matters worse, men did not like kissing after sex, while women were in favor of kissing both before, during and after sexual intercourse.