What are the challenges for hydrogen in the South?

Hydrogen has been a key subject for Capénergies since 2018 and the creation of a dedicated club, called H2. At the time, 15 projects emerged in two years, mobilizing € 150 million in investment and € 20 million in aid. It is therefore quite logical that the cap of representative of France Hydrogen in the South region falls to Anne-Marie Perez. And the new Mrs. Hydrogen does not hide anything of the issues which concern the territory of Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur, neither in the face of internal structuring, nor in the face of competition from other regions.

La Tribune – What is the purpose of appointing regional France Hydrogen delegates?

Anne-Marie Perez – The objective is clearly to accelerate the growth of the sector and the projects. For hydrogen to develop, uses must be massified. Also promote better dialogue at the regional level, better …

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