What car do I buy if I win the lottery?

Jose Manuel Gonzalez Torres

This 2020 is taking the cake for the worst year in our history. The months go by frantic but time seems stopped, as if nothing was happening. Except the count of infections and victims of the damn coronavirus. There is hardly any place for hope and happiness but Christmas is approaching, a magical time in our country. If we work hard, and only if we get involved, we can spend these important dates with our dearest relatives. Some meetings of laughter and tears but also of dreams. Like the ones we have every time we buy a tenth of the Lottery of Christmas. The extraordinary draw, which will be delivered on next December 22, it involves joy but also some doubt. For example, what car do I buy if I win the lottery? You may not have a prior choice, or you won’t even think about renewing your vehicle, but why not indulge yourself? In this gallery we will help you find what you didn’t know you needed.

It’s true that winning the lottery shouldn’t make you a profligate. We know that. What’s more, Steve and Lenka Thomson won the EuroMillions a year ago, a € 120 million prize. He stated that he would continue working and far from spending the money on a very expensive car, he opted for a second-hand model. However, he also stated that he did not like sports cars too much. If you are passionate about the motor, you are going to want a unique and striking piece so vWe are going to put ourselves in the position of winning El Gordo.

This year, the extraordinary draw of the Christmas Lottery distributes 2,408 million euros. The jackpot is 4 million euros to the series, which is equivalent 400,000 euros per tenth. The second is 1.25 million per series, translated into 125,000 euros per tenth or 6,250 euros for each one invested. The third award is not bad either, with 50,000 euros per tenth. There are also the fourth and fifth prizes that, although they would not give us for a supercar, they would help us to change cars at a key moment.