what consequences for the economy of the Alpes-Maritimes?

We can not say that the restrictive measures announced by the prefect Bernard Gonzales surprised the economic world, so much the rumors have roared during the last 48 hours. The question is more the form, duration and detail of these measures than their establishment.

Because the concern – beyond the health reason for these measures, which is not called into question – does indeed relate to the consequences for companies. Already upset by a curfew decided on last January, the prospect of confinement on weekends in particular is likely to make some business leaders more feverish.

“It is essential to be vigilant on the fact that the aid is correctly paid to the traders and to the VSEs concerned “, Insists Philippe Renaudi, the president of the UPE06, who thus expressed it to the prefect, agreeing to say” that we have to get out of this health crisis », But who does not want the efforts of small and medium-sized enterprises and the loss of turnover …

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