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Perhaps the effervescence of Among us It has decreased in recent months, but the intensity of its players has not. The video game continues to have a very wide audience on the different platforms. The vast majority are looking forward to the new map being installed. While the wait is long, new terms appear among users and one of them is THEIR, of which we tell you its meaning.

Everyone already knows the dynamics of the game, but in the same way we are going to refresh it. Every time you start a game you can have two functions. One of them is the impostor, in which you must try to kill everyone without being discovered, to win. And the crew, in which you fulfill the tasks and the main thing is to discover who or who the impostors are.

So, since it has become so difficult to spot an imposter, many have chosen to use the term SUS. This is kind of an abbreviation for Suspicious, the Spanish translation for suspo. That is to say, your attitude within a game, at least, is strange.

Who are SUS in Among Us?

SUS can be all or no one at the same time. It all depends on the way another user sees you. Those who carry out false missions are candidates for the qualifier. The one who is silent in all discussions is undoubtedly a Suspicious. But the one who speaks and accuses constantly can also be an SUS.

Basically, if you are an imposter, avoid being suspicious so that you can win. While, if you are a crew member, carry out your tasks in a normal way and run away from those who have a SUS attitude. In this way you will escape an untimely death.

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