What happened to Cara Dune the character of Gina Carano

The third season has just been released The Mandalorian by Disney Plus and with this the absence of a character has been clearly noted: Cara Dune, the rebel soldier played by actress Gina Carano.

It is likely that more than one viewer has been surprised by her absence given the weight she had permanently during the first two seasons of the series written by Jon Favreau.

However, those who closely followed the news around the Star Wars universe and its multiple projects will remember the crisis experienced at the beginning of 2021.

Where Gina Carano used her social networks to make a series of publications where she basically compared the Republicans with the Jews persecuted by the Nazis.

All after the controversy over the riots in the Capitol after the presidential elections where Donald Trump lost, triggering a series of violent acts in the capitol.

Carano at all times supported the Republican party and particularly the former president, even at times when he promoted this type of revolt.

Such dynamics, together with the comparative comments with ethnic groups and groups persecuted in the past, earned her the automatic expulsion of any project related to her character.

This is how we arrive at the premiere of this new season with a big question to answer:

How The Mandalorian resolved the absence of Cara Dune due to the firing of Gina Carano

The first chapter of the third season of The Mandalorian began in a spectacular way. Its opening sequence feels like coming home after a long absence. All signs point to the fact that this new installment of episodes will be a pleasant experience.

In fact, the issue with the character of Cara Dune is practically forgotten until the plot directly addresses the problem in one of the post-credits scenes.

The plot addresses the absence of this character in a few lines of dialogue, when Din returns to the planet Nevarro to meet with Greef Karga, who now serves as the city’s High Magistrate.

Walking through the streets of the renovated neighborhood, Greef explains to our protagonist that after capturing Moff Gideon (Giancarlo Esposito) in the season 2 finale, Dune was recruited by the Special Forces and has now taken on a new role working for the New Republic.

In other words, she’s busy off-screen and it looks like she’s going to be sticking with it for a long time. The good news is that her character was not eliminated.