What happened to Lunch in Dragon Ball? This is what Akira Toriyama himself explains

Dragon Ball is headed for four decades of existence. Therefore it is normal to see how there are characters that come and go throughout these years in the manga and anime. But it does not stop attracting attention when it happens with people who became members of the Z family and completely disappeared from the present of the series.

One of those is Lunch. She was a sweet woman who sometimes, when she sneezed, turned into a blonde armed delinquent full of anger.

Whenever he appeared, he made himself noticed with some color situation. But overnight she stopped appearing in Dragon Ball Z and she was not taken into account for Super either. What happened to Lunch?

According to what you review 3D GamesIt is not a casual situation. There is a causality in this matter, which Akira Toriyama himself explains in a book called Dragon Ball: A Visual History. This is a piece that is responsible for explaining – in the sensei’s voice – the unresolved situations in the manga or anime.

So, it is here that they detail what happens with Lunch. According to Toriyama, after Ten Shin Han moved away from the Z Fighters, due to her power falling far below her, this woman left Kame House and set out on a journey to search for the martial arts fighter.

As you well remember, Lunch was in love with Ten Shin Han and she was not going to let him get away so easily.