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It is common for the car of many drivers to reach the gas reserve and continue driving; however, it is important to remember that the reservation function is only to give a ‘margin’ to get to the nearest gas station.

Driving several kilometers in these conditions is not ideal, since far from saving a few pesos, you could cause serious damage to your car, which will end up costing much more than you think.

According to, a platform for buying and selling pre-owned cars, the gasoline reserve usually has sediment and impurities at the bottom, so that when used, these flow with the fuel and remain trapped in the filter, generating obstructions that They manifest in loss of engine power, damage to injectors and spark plugs, difficulty starting, increased fuel consumption, or even sudden engine shutdowns.

Bear in mind that the quality of the gasoline is also important for the proper functioning of your car. In Mexico, it is possible to get Magna gasoline with 87 octane and Premium 92 (remember that the higher its octane rating, the higher the performance and the life of the engine will be prolonged), but no matter what gasoline you buy, the recommendation to avoid driving with the reserve it’s the same.

How does it affect my car?

Petrol pump. The fuel pump is one of the parts most prone to damage if you drive with the reserve, as the remaining gasoline sucks in air, causing overheating. Catalytic converter. Lack of fuel also affects the catalytic converter. Its wear and tear causes your vehicle to emit more pollutants, which will cause you problems to pass the verification. Fuel filter. As mentioned, the gasoline reserve usually carries impurities that are trapped in the fuel filter. Damages from this can range from loss of engine power to difficulty starting the car. Also, sediment can get trapped in injectors and spark plugs and sooner or later you will have to replace all these parts, which means an extra expense for your pocket.

How long is the gasoline reserve?

The capacity of the gasoline reserve is not the same for all cars, since it largely depends on the size of the vehicle as well as the capacity of the tank, but on average the reserve can last between 50 and 80 kilometers.

There are some factors that can alter the reserve measurement, such as the fuel gauge or the reserve sensor. The second is usually very sensitive to any change or adjustment, so consider that if you have just changed the fuel pump, it is possible that the sensor is not properly calibrated. In the same way, bumps and even potholes can damage it.

For many drivers ending the reserve is not a problem, since they think they can fill it with a hose, but the reality is that in many cases, especially recent models, filling an empty tank is not an easy task.

This is because current cars have more complex safety mechanisms, some models even require purging the fuel system to be able to fill the tank again, so the recommendation is never to use the gasoline reserve.

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