What if the Apple TV Remote was like an old iPod nano?

Concepts designed by third-party creators at Apple typically imagine what devices with the bitten apple logo look like and perform before launch. But others go further and further and are inspired to plan solutions to the complaints that users may have about a product, such as the concept of the Apple TV Remote which has been released recently.

Apple TV Remote concept
A Creative Solution to Apple TV Remote Problems

It is not a secret that for many the Apple TV Remote is an uncomfortable accessory. Complaints about how impractical it is to use in the dark and its few buttons are some of the main complaints. But leaving aside, what for many is obvious, from . they have shared an alternative, that inspired by the seventh generation iPod Nano as hardware and watchOS for software.

Imagine a classic and modern Apple Remote at the same time

This design takes into account all the buttons we need to control an Apple TV in the classic iPod Nano case. There are side volume buttons to control the audio output level, side button that could be used to go backward.

The sleep and wake button on the top could put the remote to sleep to save battery on command. By pressing it to activate the remote control, you can swipe up on the screen to activate your real TV.

Considering how easy it is to lose a remote, Apple Remote, would have the possibility to find with the Find My app. Even Apple could incorporate the U1 chip in the remote control, even they could try to show its precise location in your home.

Apple TV Remote controls
Touch screen offers more convenience

Thanks to its full multi-touch screen, the device could show different button layouts, which is one of the main advantages of the buttons not being mounted on the case. It could include a “Now Playing” screen so that no overlap takes over the content on your Apple TV.

Remote concept with Find My
The concept thinks of a traceable accessory

Perhaps the best part of this remote concept is the screen dedicated to «continue watching». Thus, it would be possible to start playing a program directly on the remote control instead of having to navigate the screens in tvOS.

Remote Apple TV concept with apps
With “Remote” other apps would be used

Finally, the concept proposes to take advantage of software similar to watchOS to obtain all the necessary components that enable different actions on Apple platforms. For example, You can authenticate purchases and rentals directly on the remote with Touch ID and Apple Pay.

Without question, it would be a much more powerful remote control, but also a candidate to overshadow Apple TV itself.

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