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The Government advanced this Friday with the establishment of the criteria that governors and the head of the Buenos Aires government, Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, must observe to define whether or not they limit circulation night due to the exponential increase in cases of coronavirus of the last few weeks.

While they were listed in the Decree 4/2021, published in the Official Gazette, during the press conference he gave together with the Chief of Staff, Santiago Cafiero, and the Minister of Tourism and Sports, Matías Lammens, the Secretary for Access to Health, Carla Vizzotti, elaborated a little more Over the two indicators: reason and incidence.

Regarding the first, the official explained that it is the resulting from dividing the number of new cases in the last 15 days over the previous 15 days. « If that number is above 1.20 means that cases are increasing from the previous 15 days to the last 15 days. This is being analyzed with each of the jurisdictions ”, he specified.

Meanwhile, the incidence is obtained when the number of confirmed cases accumulated in the last 14 days divided by 100 thousand inhabitants. If the result is higher than 150 means that there is a health risk.

“That is the definition of this regulatory decree of article 4 of the increased risk and the power that the provincial authorities have to restrict night traffic. It is also important to clarify that this is a measure that after the whole year in Argentina and in the world of traveling the pandemic risk activities have been stratified. So, considering the summer and what are the risky activities, try to work to minimize those activities at this time, in this context, at night but with the decree in force until January 31, there are other articles of great importance to comply with during the day ”, he highlighted.

Vizzotti remarked that « a very relevant moment » is going through in the country and in the world in relation to the increase in coronavirus cases, and stressed that Actions such as the restriction of nighttime activities « can have a positive impact on slowing down the increase in cases. »

And he closed: “The conclusion of the new infections in this new situation, which is a summer situation, with greater circulation and greater authorized activities. Nightlife after the epidemiological investigation is the most common situation with respect to the focus of infection, the focus of infections, taking into account that the measures are relaxed. They are closed spaces, for a long time and without using the mask ”.

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