What is a ‘closer’ and why will it be one of the most demanded jobs of 2021?

The coronavirus has caused a global economic crisis and one of the sectors most affected is the world of work. Many people have lost their jobs or are in a situation of ERTE. In fact, the unemployment rate in the euro zone rose to 8.3% in November 2020, that is, more than 15 million Europeans were unemployed.

Spain is one of the countries with the worst data, in the third quarter of last year the region reached almost 3.8 million unemployed, according to the National Institute of Statistics (INE).

So finding a job this year will not be easy. The economic prospects of a large number of Spaniards have been affected by the pandemic. In this sense, according to the American multinational ManpowerGroup the Spanish labor market will not be revived until 2024.

Despite this, many companies are beginning to adapt to this new reality, where the figure of the ‘closer’ will be a key piece for the survival of any company in 2021.


The ‘closer’ is the person in charge of increasing sales and closing them as quickly and skillfully as possible. To be clearer and away from technicalities from the United States, a ‘closer’ is a sales representative, but yes, specialized in sales over 2,000 euros.

“A person who, more than selling, tries to help the customer; does not sell, but closes a transaction”. This is how Alfonso Bastida and Christian Helmut define it, experts in sales closing and directors of the first school specialized in training specialists in this field. High value psychology, self-awareness, and integrity are the key elements to be a good ‘closer’.


The health and economic crisis produced by the coronavirus pandemic has generated that many companies are at a critical time, their recovery will depend on their ability to get customers and close sales. Therefore, “the sales closer will be one of the most demanding figures in the labor market of 2021”, Bastida and Helmut affirm.

Likewise, the crisis has increased gap between “more and less resistant” companies. Many have more losses than income, and some have even been forced to close. The key, therefore, is in sales. The ManpowerGroup company has made a report where it gives the essential tips to make your sales a success this year.


When closing a commercial transaction, any detail is important. However, there are some key elements that will help you focus the sales processes and even to be able to resurface next year.

It is important to know that practically 80% of the sale occurs in the first five minutesTherefore, it is necessary to know how to focus the objectives and create an emotional bond with the client. In addition, the coronavirus has taught to listen, due to the current situation the seller has to know how to act more like a consultant than a salesperson. Pay attention to the customer and discover what they want, so it will be easier to introduce the perspective of your product, adapting it to their needs.

According to a study, 85% of purchases are made unconsciously. Imitation buying is a very powerful incentive to achieve sales, not being ‘out of the game’ remains a concern for many. A clear example, which arose during home confinement, is the massive purchase of toilet paper.

On the other hand, an essential element is knowing the market. At present, the digital wall is falling. People who have never bought online have started to do so. Specifically, 20% of Spaniards have discovered Internet purchases as a result of the pandemic.

In this sense, Thursdays are the day that more transactions take place online. In addition, a third of Spaniards make their purchases between nine in the morning and three in the afternoon. Knowing these data will help you when it comes to selling your product.

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