What is the best arc in all of Dragon Ball Z? [FW Opinión]

A total of 291 chapters are those that cover the Dragon Ball Z saga, the best that Akira Toriyama’s franchise has, according to the opinion of the newsroom at .

The participation and prominence of each character, the 2D animation, the soundtracks and the rise of power of each of the Z Warriors were the elements that led the series to worldwide recognition.

Thanks to the adventures that took place at this time, the whole world knows who Goku is, Vegeta and what a Super Saiyan is. However, it is sometimes difficult to choose one of the arches above the rest.

But in our work we decided to go into the dangerous adventure of selecting the best bow. And, after a couple of hours of discussion, we came to a conclusion (which doesn’t have to be the universal truth). It is only the opinion of a group of fans of Akira Toriyama’s work who enjoyed some stories more than others.

The best arc of Dragon Ball Z

Due to the number of episodes, the narrative threads in which the stories developed and the number of villains, we came to the conclusion that the Cell and the Androids arc is the best of all.

The arc begins with an element never seen before in all of Dragon Ball: time travel. Akira Toriyama raises an alternative future about which he could make a spin-off, in which Trunks’ story is told.

It is the first threat that Goku is not able to solve and leaves everything in the hands of Gohan, who, converted into Super Saiyan 20, manages to defeat Cell.

There are also three stages of villains: Androids 19 and 20 (Dr. Gero); androids Number 17 and Number 18; and finally Cell, who goes through an exciting process to get to his perfect form.

And to complete, for the first time they dare to kill Goku without the hope that he can return -as happens after Raditz- because the Saiyan warrior wants to stay in the ‘Afterlife’.

The Cell and the Androids arc has 77 chapters, but the reality is that it seemed like three arcs in one, because nobody knew of the existence of the bioandroid. That is the difference with that of Frieza (72 chapters), that all the time we were waiting for the duel against the Emperor of the Universe.

Android 18 and Cell

Not to mention the Majin Buu arc, which seems very good to us, but they give a lot of lengths to each possible solution and end up being 92 episodes.

Be careful, the fact that we think that this is the best arc does not mean that it is the best villain. That is a topic of discussion for another time. We anticipate that we also discussed that and we think that it is Frieza. We promise that we will dedicate a few lines to argue this statement.