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Undoubtedly, the recently ended 2020 was the year in which many of us, our parents, grandparents or children, had their first time with video conferencing apps. Unfortunately, during this time, someone may not have felt entirely comfortable trying to communicate with their family through this medium. Therefore, thinking about the following months in which the health situation will not change too much, we believe that it is time to ask ourselves what is the best video calling app for use with your family.

Of course, the answer to the previous question seems somewhat complicated, since everything will depend in part on what are the interests of that family group that intends to be in contact. As a consequence of this, we are going to stay with more than one program, and explain to you in what conditions each one of them manages to shine.

That way, you yourself can come to a more specific conclusion about it.

best video calling app 2best video calling app 2

3 options for the best video calling app to use with your family

Facebook Messenger

If you or someone in your family are absolute newbies when it comes to video calling, we think Facebook Messenger is the best possible tool to get you started. Thanks to its chat function, since the vast majority of people already have a Facebook account, we can save some of the steps prior to connection.

Another advantage of Messenger is that it can be used on practically any device, from computers with a webcam to iOS or Android mobiles. It is unlikely that someone will be unable to run it from some of their computers. Therefore, the typical support problems are solved.

As for the Messenger app itself when video conferencing with the family, we can say that its Messenger Rooms are really very intuitive, and that starting a new meeting does not take more than a few seconds. You can add as many people as you want, up to the total quota of 50 people.

And, surely the most curious thing, Facebook sells a gadget developed so that we can have the best possible experience with its video calling app. It’s called Portal, and it’s a larger screen than a smartphone. If you don’t have another compatible device, you might be interested.


We all know a family in which there are no members who do not have an iPhone or a Mac. If this is your case, and you are convinced that the Cupertino environments work better, then you could leave Messenger and give FaceTime a chance. While it is true that Apple is somewhat suspicious of terminals from other manufacturers, in terms of the synchronization of its own products, we can say that it is unobjectionable.

FaceTime works on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and MacBook, so anyone with one of them can participate in your video conferences. In general, it is a simpler environment, perhaps the simplest of all, although some additional Messenger functions are missed. Nothing serious, of course.

In turn, you can switch to a video call directly from a voice call. When it comes to group meetings, you can add up to 32 people, both before and during communication.

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Microsoft Teams

And we conclude with Microsoft Teams. After all, the Redmond people have always been big players when it comes to the development of office applications. In this case we are talking about video calling software, and they have a very good exponent in the segment in their Teams, one that integrates very well with their environments.

For those who are knowledgeable about these, we can say that Teams is quite similar to Skype. And while it was specifically designed for companies to talk to remote workers, we can give it free personal use. Teams is available on iOS and Android devices. You can also run it on computers like Mas OC or Chromebooks through a web application that is not bad at all.

Of course, if there are many in your family, perhaps you should look for another solution, since its maximum number of participants is 20. What is interesting is its maximum time for each communication: up to four hours.


As is clear, according to the use we intend to give it, our feelings will be different when choosing one as the best video calling app to use with your family.

The important thing is that you know for sure what your needs and abilities are. And that you can also think about the other members of your family group. Many times, they are not as used to this kind of meeting as other people. So you shouldn’t take for granted that they know how to use these programs.

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