What is the most successful social network? An American study reveals it – Explica .co

04/08/2021 at 10:40 AM CEST


YouTube and Facebook are still two social networks that seem to have no rival. Are the most dominant social networks in the United States and virtually all over the world. However, Facebook no longer has much room for growth, in addition to being abandoned by some users.

According to some American reports, YouTube and Facebook are the most widely used platforms. But, while YouTube continues to grow and increase its usage rate from 73% to 91% in 2021, Facebook’s numbers seem to they do not change from the 69% of use they have. “The growth of Facebook has not increased in the last five years, but it remains one of the places most used by adults.” One of the problems Facebook encounters is that not attractive to new generations.

Facebook has not been the only one affected by the flat growth, as it is happening with other platforms like Reddit, or even happened to Twitter before the lockdown. Yes indeed, those who use these platforms are still very addicted and use them constantly.

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