What mobile to give this Christmas according to the Xataka Móvil team

Christmas is approaching, and with it, gifts to our loved ones. From Xataka Mobile our bet is clear: a better and renewed mobile always comes in handy. We have asked our experts to find out what mobile to give this Christmas, and the responses have been quite mixed.

There are clear candidates, though there are some other quite different motives among the candidates. Let’s see what the editors of Xataka Móvil have said, since there are great shopping alternatives.

Amparo Babiloni

When we are asked about a mobile with good value for money we tend to go for cheap devices, but I think that the true value for money is a bit above. My pick in 2020 is the OnePlus Nord. It doesn’t have the most powerful chip from Qualcomm, but has shown that when it comes to performance, it has little to envy the top. It also has a fluid screen, a very solvent camera and, above all, the OxygenOS experience.

For those looking for a cheaper terminal, my recommendation (and I think almost everyone’s) is the POCO X3 NFC. There is no other mobile that gives so much for so little, the sales success on Black Friday is proof of this.

OnePlus NORD Phone (5G) 8GB RAM 128GB, Quad Camera, Dual SIM. Now with Alexa – 2 Year Warranty – Onix Gray

Anna Marti

The truth is that this year it is more difficult to choose because I would say that the launches have multiplied, but the truth is that I have quite invariable preferences and this time, in addition, I already made a pre-Christmas gift of a smartphone: the Google Pixel 4th

I wanted to give something with a good camera and that it was not too big, and almost only for the first thing the look was going quite to the Google mobiles. It will not win in versatility, but Just for the quality of its single rear camera it makes up for it in many usage profiles (in which the use of wide angle, macro and zoom is more anecdotal) to recommend something with triple camera (and probably less natural and adequate processing).

Also I always consider it for having « clean » Android, without layers of customization. It is clear that this can leave the user without those many additions that we usually find in third-party software, but I also think that the fluidity and updates can pay off. And the size is wonderful.

Google Pixel 4a 14.7 cm (5.8 « ) 6 GB 128 GB 4G USB Type C Black Android 10.0 3 140 mAh Pixel 4a, 14.7 cm (5.8 »), 6 GB, 128 GB, 12 MP, Android 10.0, Black

Enrique Perez

Make no mistake, quality-price matters. More if we have to pay ourselves and above all we will not enjoy it. We are probably not going to give a high-end gift, because it is something very personal and in that case, the person surely has a specific model in mind.

My bet not to fail would be the Xiaomi Mi 10T Lite, a mobile that can be found for about 250 euros and has everything that most users may need. A good processor, a large screen with 120 Hz, a solvent camera and good battery. An all-terrain mobile that is one point ahead of other 200-euro terminals and that will last for several years.

Ivan Linares

It is becoming increasingly difficult to decide on a phone, especially when you have a tight budget. Given this, and all the releases 2020 has received, My bet is double: the Xiaomi Poco X3 NFC if you have around 200 euros of budget and the OnePlus Nord if you can double the cost.
Xiaomi has made the Poco X3 NFC the safe choice for anyone who needs a good mobile at a reduced price. It can be obtained for about 200 euros (you have to be attentive to the offers) and it is impossible to get more in return: Snapdragon 732G, 6.7-inch FHD + screen, 6 GB of RAM and a minimum of 64 GB of storage, quad camera with a more than decent photographic performance, 5,160 mAh battery with 33 W fast charge … The quality / price ratio is unbeatable.

POCO X3 NFC – Smartphone 6 + 128GB, 6.67 ”FHD + front camera with Punch-hole, Snapdragon 732G, 64 MP with AI, Quad-camera, 5160 mAh, Shadow Gray color (Spanish version + 2 years warranty)

The OnePlus Nord raises the bar for performance by making OnePlus software much more accessible. It is a balanced mobile that cannot compete in price with the Xiaomi, but it does not need it either: with its Snapdragon 765G, 6.44-inch AMOLED screen, 8/128 GB base and its quadruple rear camera it is enough and there is plenty to do happy to anyone. Even the most demanding ‘techie’.

Jose Garcia

I believe that this year there is a clear interesting device to give away and it is the iPhone 12 mini. Apple has managed to make a compact device, which feels really premium, with an OLED screen and whose performance is simply exquisite. Also, if you value the camera, it is a terminal that also knows how to behave in almost all situations.

It is true that it is an expensive terminal, especially if we compare it with the Android mid-range, but you have a guarantee of updates for a good handful of years and I think that if we take account and divide the price by its useful life, the iPhone 12 mini pays off. It is a good phone, a very good phone indeed, but warning: watch out for the battery, that being small had to entail some toll and the battery is the main one.

New Apple iPhone 12 mini (128 GB) – (PRODUCT) RED

Samuel Fernandez

If I had to choose a mobile phone right now, with a medium budget (without too much austerity but also without crazy things) I would probably go for the Poco X3 NFC. When I analyzed it I could see that it is tremendously balanced, and if you are lucky enough to catch it on sale, it is truly unbeatable. I would also value the Pixel 4a, but although its camera is considerably better than that of the Poco X3 (and practically 80% of the mid-range), it seems to me that the Poco is more versatile in that field. To buy it, I would go to Amazon, it is my go-to store for many things and also for technology.

I have the possibility to buy it in some local stores but we also talk about large distribution chains, so I prefer reliability of stock and delivery. As for the time of purchase, I would not miss much beyond the first fortnight, in case there are problems of delay with the saturation of Christmas

Jose Antonio Carmona

When buying a mobile, I have to admit that Android has always thrown me more than iOS, but this year, perhaps due to oversaturation I have noticed the iPhone 12 Mini. With a contained price, at least if we compare it with its older brothers, for me it offers something different from the rest, such as size.

Under the 5.4-inch screen we find the same processor, the same screen technology and it is also 5G, not to mention that it has iOS 14. It is true that it loses in the camera section with the large models, but for a user half the components that it assembles make it go more than enough. And here only one paragraph, for 50 euros more, I would go for the 128 GB version since 64 GB at this point seems short, even pulling iCloud permanently.

Ivan Ramirez

Choosing a mobile to give away is difficult, since each person has their own requirements and each giftgiver their own budget. The mobile is something quite personal, so I would only give it to someone who is not very involved in the matter, otherwise he would probably want to choose and buy it himself. For this profile, I prefer to play it safe with a normal and current mobile for the masses, like the Samsung Galaxy A31.

I find it a good choice for many people since One UI is not as special as other layers nor is it as « bare » as stock Android, in addition to having everything you need for most people: great battery, good AMOLED screen, multi-purpose cameras and a price that is getting lower every day. In addition, in the Samsung store they are selling it for 215 euros and with a UV sterilizer box as a gift, so I can’t think of a better way to end 2020 than this way.

Samsung Galaxy A31 – Smartphone 6.4 « Super AMOLED (phone 4GB RAM, 128GB ROM), Color Black [Versión española]

Ricardo Aguilar

Leaving a bit of the general trend, and knowing that it is « expensive », I am going to recommend the Google Pixel 5. It is a terminal that has a long life ahead (important when it comes to gifting), with a camera simply spectacular, a battery that lasts much longer than usual in 4,000mAh mobiles, and the great advantage of having Google software.

It is 629 euros in FNAC France, which sends it to Spain. I repeat, I know it may seem crazy to pay so much, but a pixel is a pixel, and that camera, software and user experience (now at 90Hz) this convinced that they are worth it.

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