What steps should i take? What is the deadline?

Dentix, the chain of dental clinics, has already started the closing process. It has done so after the publication on the 3rd day in the Official State Gazette of the declaration of the bankruptcy. The nearly 3,000 people affected by this decision in Navarra, with unfinished treatments and payments made, They have until January 3 to claim the bankruptcy administration those amounts with the aim of trying to recover them.

Regardless of the means by which the claim is made, the affected persons must provide all the data that justify the payment made and the treatment received. In this sense, in addition to personal data such as ID and means of contact, it will be necessary to provide the data referring to the debt, a copy of the payments made and all the information they have about the medical history and the claims made To date, the Regional Executive has detailed in a statement.

What steps must be followed for the claim?

In the first place, to claim the money when the treatment has been paid in cash, with a credit card or through a personal credit, from the Consumer Service of the Government of Navarra they remind that the affected persons must communicate your claim to the bankruptcy administration Through the email address

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Another option is to contact Account Controlius & Eaquitas Administradores Concursales SLP through the postal address: Avda. Alberto Alcocer 24, 4ª planta, CP. 28036, Madrid. The bankruptcy administrators’ telephone number is 915914291.

Until when can you claim?

As stipulated by the Navarrese executive, the last day for those affected to claim compensation or advance payments is January 3, 2021, from that date no further claims will be accepted.

What happens with the cases of credits that were linked to the provision of service?

The process varies when the contracted treatment has been paid through a credit linked to the provision of the service. In these cases, when the treatment has not been completed, it is advisable to claim, on the one hand, directly to Dentix. On the other, after collecting all the data you have about the contracted product or service (from advertising to the budget made, the signed contract and the invoices paid), It will be necessary to contact the financial institution that granted the loan.

With the documentation and the claim already presented to Dentix, those affected must claim at the financial institution the cancellation of charges pending payment. They may also claim the return of the part already paid if the services referred to have not yet been provided.

How long does Dentix have to attend to claims?

As they remember from the Consumer Service of the Government of Navarra, the financial institution “You have the obligation to give a reasoned answer to your claim within one month. “

If no response is received within that time, there is the option to file a complaint with the Consumer Service for this, regardless of whether you continue with your claim through the courts.

The publication of the creditors’ meeting prevents public consumer organizations from mediating with the company to resolve the claims of the affected persons. Therefore, from the Navarrese Consumer Service they remind the affected people that, even if they have filed a claim with this service, now they must go to the bankruptcy administration, or to the financial entities if it is the case, and finally to the courts of justice, if the financial entity does not respond to your claim.

In all the claims that are presented from now on the reference to the bankruptcy must be included (ordinary competition 1305/2020, with procedure identification number / 00133464. Order dated 11/20/2020).

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