what the AirPods Max does not include and we expected

The AirPods Max are already here after a long time rumored about their possible arrival, and about their specifications. We carry many months listening to rumors about this product, and there are some functions that have fallen by the wayside, or have been replaced by others.

airpods max
AirPods Max in different colors

Today we are going to analyze the most important rumors about AirPods Max that have not been fulfilled. We know what it is a device that has been redesigned multiple times, and that it has taken longer than expected to reach the market. Perhaps that is why many of the rumors have not been fulfilled.

5 rumors about AirPods Max that have not been fulfilled

In recent days we have learned that Apple had been designing these AirPods Max for 4 years, and perhaps for that reason we have heard so many rumors. We have known for more than two years that Apple was working on headphones, which have finally arrived.

AirPods Studio? No, AirPods Max

The name that we were all shuffling was that of ‘AirPods Studio’, not that it was confirmed, but it is the one that most leakers were betting on. Until Apple introduced them, the name ‘AirPods Max’ we have never heard.

beats airpods apple
AirPods Max are nothing like Beats

Little customization

Mark Gurman of Bloomberg assured that the AirPods Max would have magnetically interchangeable parts so that users could customize them. It is true that pads can be easily interchanged and are held in place by magnetsHowever, customization doesn’t seem like something Apple is going to promote.

No touch controls

It was expected that These AirPods will have a touch surface on the sides. However, Apple has opted for aluminum and a Digital Crown like the Apple Watch to control these AirPods. Another rumor that has not been fulfilled.

AirPods Studio
Designs that some imagined

No more affordable ‘Sport’ model

Jon Prosser revealed that Apple had ready two types of over-ear headphones: some high-end and some more affordable ‘sport’. I expected the high-end model to cost 599 dollars and the ‘sport’ would be around 350. At the moment we do not know anything about this affordable AirPods Max model, it may never reach the market or it may come later.

Automatic side detection

Another of the more interesting rumors we had heard was that of the automatic side detection. That is to say, it didn’t matter how you put these AirPods on as they would only detect the left and right side. This has finally not been the case either and the AirPods Max have a way of putting themselves on the head.

All these rumors were very promising and in the end they have not reached the AirPods Max. We will see if they end up being fulfilled in future generations or over the next few months.

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