“What time have we invited you?”

The resistance received this Wednesday the visit of Vicky Luengo, one of the protagonists of Riot gear, the most watched series on Movistar, which reminded Broncano of the visit of one of his colleagues, Álex García, in October when he came to present the fiction.

Álex García, in 'La Resistencia'.

“I didn’t like how you treated him and I felt sorry for him. I thought it was fetish that you invited him again”said the actress. But the presenter defended himself: “I made a joke of massive destruction, because comedians sometimes get hot in the mouth. He was upset, but the joke was funny“.

But one of the most curious moments of the program was lived when Luengo told the reason why he had to learn French: “He was forced to shoot a film in which, in addition, he had to dance flamenco,” he recalled

Listening to it, Broncano asked him to send a greeting in French to his representative in the neighboring country: “It is that Emmanuel is not going to see it”, but in the end he agreed, sent him a kiss and said a few words: “Do you want me to dance?”, He added.

“If you want, you can say a phrase in French and I do a few Flemish steps behind getting out of the sofa”, challenged the presenter. The actress agreed, but Broncano pointed out: “Why are we doing this …?”.

Both of them they did not get to coordinate to do the scene well: “Talk and when you finish I’ll go out”Broncano pointed out, to which the guest replied that “I have already spoken, you have to go out.”

At that moment, the presenter put his hands to his face and commented: “Holy Virgin: What time have we invited you?”, starting the laughter of the public. Say the phrase in French, and when you say it I’ll dance flamenco. So we end this which does not make any sense. We are all suffering and I’m having a worse time than you“Broncano admitted.

Luengo said the phrase, the presenter left the sofa suddenly, scaring the guest, who could not contain her laughter. In the end, the interpreter congratulated Broncano for his action, which brought the applause and laughter from the audience.

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