This May 30 the deadline for companies to make the distribution of profits to their employees expires

May It is the month par excellence in which workers receive extra money from their company, through the utilities.

But,what are profits?

The utilities are the profits generated by a company or employer throughout the year and workers are entitled to receive a part.

All employees who have more than 60 days working in the company must receive utilities, as well as directors, administrators, managers, partners or shareholders, honorary workers and cleaning personnel.

Only newly created companies are exempt from paying the benefit during their first year of operation. Similarly, the IMSS and decentralized public institutions for cultural, welfare or charitable purposes, and those whose capital is less than that established by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security and private assistance institutions are for profit.

Profits must be distributed to companies no later than May 30, while those who work for a natural person (employer) must receive them no later than June 29.

In the event that the workers do not receive the benefit or are incompletely granted, they have one year to claim it, counting from the day following the deadline.

In this sense, the Federal Attorney for Labor Defense (Profedet) provides orientation, conciliation and, if necessary, legal representation, free of charge.

To access this, telephones are made available 800 71 72 942 and 800 911 78 77 and email [email protected]

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