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The television year begins in 2021 as it did in 2020, with several unknowns that during the year of the pandemic, in which television had to reinvent itself at times, remained on the air: what about public television? Will it explode The bubble of platforms with more and more offers or will it continue to rise in subscriptions? Will any generalist channel dare to risk something original? Do we settle for the usual with its reality shows, current affairs and social gatherings? When will more presenters in contests and talent shows? Viewers have never had an easier time choosing what to see, when and where. And this includes the open channels and their platforms and their offer in the operators with the possibility of watching the content on a delayed basis. 2021 promises more of the same: contests, talent shows, reality shows, the return of Eurovision and two classics of sports television: the Olympic Games and the Eurocup (which must have taken place in 2020).

Celebrities and celebrities are the basis of entertainment on Spanish television, either as participants or as juries and judges. Far are many of the anonymous contests like Big Brother. The news will be on La 1 and Antena 3. After the good reception last autumn of the international success of Mask Singer, the Atresmedia network is opting for two new formats: The Challenge and I See How You Sing. The first, which the chain is already promoting, is a contest presented by Roberto Leal in which a group of celebrities (Ágatha Ruiz de la Prada, Kira Miró, Gemma Mengual, Jorge Sanz, among others) must face different challenges. The second is an evolution of the popular Mask Singer (which will also have a new installment). Presented by Manel Fuentes, it is also an adaptation of a Korean format. In it, a contestant, helped by famous advisers (Ana Milan and Josie have been confirmed), must guess if some singers are good or bad, without hearing them sing. Antena 3 will also add new seasons of Tu cara me suena, La voz (in its adult, children’s and senior versions) and Who wants to be a millionaire.

Televisión Española will continue to exploit the formats of Masters of Sewing, Prodigies and, of course, MasterChef (in its three versions, all ensure a loyal audience and good audiences). And three novelties: Two couples and a destination (celebrity couples will travel to meet more famous people in Spain), The night of … with Dani Rovira at the helm, with a different theme in each program and who will be accompanied by Antonio Resines, Pepe Viyuela, Cristina Medina, David Perdomo and Lara Ruiz and the dance talent show, The Dancer. In La 2, Cachitos de Hierro y Cromo returns; and one of the great novelties, released last Thursday, is El condensador de fluzo, a historical outreach program presented by the writer Juan Gómez-Jurado.

In Telecinco their greatest hits will return Survivors and The island of temptations and a third installment of The strong house. The novelty will be in a promised return of Big Brother, but for the moment the chain has not advanced more information or if they will try to make an anonymous format again. They will also return to the grill Got Talent and Mi casa es la tuya, with Bertín Osborne. Cuatro Mediaset will not risk either and will bet everything on what works: First Dates, Planeta Calleja, Volando voy and Fourth millennium.

In 2021, if the health crisis allows it, the major sports celebrations that could not take place in 2020 are scheduled to take place: the European Football Championship, which will be seen on Mediaset channels between June 11 and June 11. July and the Tokyo Olympic Games (between July 23 and August 8), which will be broadcast by TVE after a budget of around 55 million euros was approved in extremis so that the tests can be seen, as has always happened, on public television. Of course, it will do so with a smaller offer than normal, to reduce costs, with a focus on competitions with Spanish participation and the most emblematic disciplines (athletics, swimming and gymnastics).

And public television is the great doubt of the year 2021. After more than two years in a state of interim, under the control of the sole administrator Rosa María Mateo, the election of the new RTVE board of directors begins to be unlocked this January. The 94 candidates (for ten positions) have begun to be summoned to appear as of tomorrow before the Advisory Committee on Appointments. The stability of the public entity is vital to develop a plan to recover the audience and the credit lost in the last decade.

The first series of Amenábar and the end of ‘La casa de papel’

By Natalia Marcos

The production of national television fiction is in full swing. To the bets of the open channels, which keep the series in their backbone, is added the strong commitment of national and international payment platforms for their own production. One of the great catalysts of the great moment that this industry is experiencing today was the international success of La casa de papel. The series will come to an end this year on Netflix with a fifth installment that will close the blow to the Bank of Spain from the thieves of Dalí’s mask.

But the most anticipated national television fiction premiere of 2021 is the debut of the filmmaker Alejandro Amenábar on the small screen. It will be with La Fortuna, a title that he prepares for Movistar + and which is based on the comic El tesoro del Cisne Negro, by Paco Roca and Guillermo Corral, an adventure story that tells of the looting and recovery of the treasure of La Mercedes. This year, Movistar + will also receive the new Enrique Urbizu series, Libertad, the fantasy and adventure story Paraíso, the comedy about the rivalries of the radio sports journalism Reyes de la Noche, in addition to the second season of Hierro, among others .

Amazon Prime Video will also continue its commitment to Spanish production and has in its portfolio the premieres of La tempelanza, which adapts the novel by María Dueñas, and A Private Affair, with Aura Garrido and Jean Reno, which will join El internado: Las Cumbres, which will premiere in February. Another platform that has opted for its own product made in Spain is Starzplay, which announced last year the launch of two projects, one focused on the porn industry through the life of Nacho Vidal and the other on an express kidnapping with the signature of Iván Escobar, one of those responsible for Vis a vis. HBO also has a series underway to premiere in 2021: Todo lo otro, created by Abril Zamora.

As for free-to-air channels, Atresmedia is already well advanced in the production of Alba, a free adaptation of the successful Turkish series Fatmagül, the period drama La cocinera de Castamar and the comedy Debts, starring Carmen Maura. Among the premieres of La 1, Ana Tramel stands out. The game, a judicial thriller with Maribel Verdú leading the cast. Among the news from Telecinco, in addition to some fictions that are pending release and that have already been seen on Amazon Prime Video, such as Charon or Disappeared, is El emerito, about the last years of the reign of Juan Carlos I.

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